The hipocracy of Los Angeles

We have all seen the news, both on TV and on the internet, about how Los Angeles is an amnisty city welcoming all imigrants, sheltering them from the law and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.   Amnesty and Illegal Immigration – Los Angeles TimesWith 4.01 million people in Los Angeles City alone, the city welcomes those illegal immigrants from south of the border. But the city has a history of blocking citizens from their fare city.  Imagine my suprise to learn that the City of Los Angeles actually sent police to block incoming unemployed citizen transients.

Secretly, it was called ‘the bum blockade’. Los Angeles police officers situated at 16 main points of entry from Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. Nobody without a means of support were turned back because Los Angeles could not support more unemployed people. It was estimated that over 100,000 unemployed citizen transients headed to Los Angeles, for unemployment services and to try to get jobs, per year.

Now, the year was 1936, the hieght of the depression, but it does show that in the history of the city, steps were taken to protect the city and its residents from the financial strain of more unemployed immigrants.

The Los Angeles Times reported “The Times, in answer to the charge that the blockade was an outrage, editorialized “Let’s Have More Outrages,” praising it as an answer to the waste of taxpayers’ “hard-got-tax money” and a way to keep out “imported criminals . . . radicals and troublemakers.”

The Chamber of Commerce, many judges, Los Angeles Times, the Cities Prosecuters office and other city officials all supported the actions of the Los Angeles Police because of the financial strain it would put on the city and the crimes it would prevent from the homeless.

Would you believe that the President has the Constitutional right and obligation to close the border completely? And that it has been done several times before? ( now this is anything but a conservative news report but it shows the history of the law)

The law is clear. The President not only ‘can’ shut the border down but has the ‘obligation’ to in circumstances where there is a clear and present danger to the American citizens.

The opioid epademic has caused Mexican and South American drug smuggling to skyrocket as of late, even spurring the Mexican drug cartel into using midevil techniques to get dangerous drugs into America. That’s right, the drug smugglers dig tunnels across the border, drive it into America, walk it across and even catapult it into America. Look at the American death toll of fentanyl alone I call that a clear and present danger to the American citizens. But people like Chuck Shumer and Nancy Palosi ‘want’ the borders open and would allow the flood of drugs into America. Add to that the amount of Islamic terrorists that come to America thru the southern borders and the problem grows. Did we learn nothing from the attack on Sept. 11, 2001?

The biggest problem is that our politicians are not doing what “We the people” want. The democrats want and need a lower class of voters that depend on the government for support. That is why the democrats give non citizens so many benefits like free education, healthcare, welfare and many other government programs that were originally designed for American citizens that needed just a little helping hand, not a hand out. and this But you can’t give a pass to the republicans, because they want cheap labor. Many republicans get donations from big labor groups that need cheap, uneducated labor. It is a ‘catch-22’ situation and one that president Trump is fighting. He has to fight both sides of congress to do the will of the people and protect the sovereignty of our nation. and

sovereignty=freedom from external control . Meaning that if ANY country want to be autonomous, they need to attain sovereignty, meaning no outside influence or control. As you can see, there are people and entities that want to break Americas sovereignty by flooding our country with outside influences and dependants.

It is because America is “we the people”. The only place on earth where the people are the government instituted in the beginning declared by the Constitution of the United States of America. The people are ‘citizens’ and not ‘subjects’. Think about that for a moment. In merry ol’ England, you are a subject of the crown (government) but in America, we are citizens where government is supposed to work for us.

Walls and fences work. The nasty little inconvienient truth is, walls and fences have always worked. 1914, Robert Frost wrote “…good fences make good neigbors”, but the proverb goes back further. The greatest example can be seen from space, the Great Wall of China. Started in the 7th century B.C. and built with ernest in the Ming Dynasty in 1368. Built as a defence against invaders, it is still effective today over 600+ years later. And don’t forget Vatican City. Since the Vatican is literally a country of its own and not legally a part of Italy, Vatican City has a wall to protect it. this is an exerpt from the  internet: “A Little Extra Protection”

The answer is exactly what you were expecting. The Vatican walls were built to keep out pirates. (Wait that wasn’twhat you were expecting? Weird.)

During the 9th century, Saracen pirates were pillaging much of southern Italy. When they sacked St. Peter’s in 846, Pope Leo IV decided he needed a little extra protection. A 39-foot-tall wall was constructed around Leonine City, an area which included the current Vatican territory.

“Gradually the Muslim threat receded and many gates were opened in the walls,” says Thomas Noble, a papal history expert at Notre Dame University. But then came the 16th century and a new pope, Pius IV, who proclaimed, “Nah! Close ‘em up, boys.” (We’re paraphrasing.) “The problem in those later times was that political violence in Rome sometimes threatened the papacy,” says Noble. It wasn’t pirates this time, but Roman Emperors looking to pick a fight (and maybe steal some of the church’s sweet art.)

So the walls are 39 feet tall. For protection no less. So, walls actually work and the Pope and all in Rome, China and the WORLD knows it, including those that oppose the American border wall. Even Los Angeles knew it back in 1936. One last example. The leech. The leech is a parasite, attaching themselves to a host with a sucker and feeding on blood. Another way of saying it is ‘an organism that lives off of the life of another organism. Sorry to use such mean words, but anyone that takes from another is a criminal. To live off anothers efforts is criminal. That is why Los Angeles stopped unemployed vagabonds from becoming a leach on the citizens of the city. The border wall between Mexico and America was supported by the democrats before Trump became president

So again I say, the hipocracy of Los Angeles.


One thought on “Hipocracy

  1. That’s quite an article, and it looks like you did your homework very well. We are in trouble thanks to the Democrats. Our way of life is being threatened by those who were elected somehow. I hear at least one of them got in by winning a contest and she is a real pain in the butt. But you did a good job there’s a lot to take in.


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