The older I get, the more important it is to me to study history. Add to that I like the older programs. As a kid, I had a really nice transistor radio that could pick up the weaker radio signals, especially at night. For a time, there was a radio station that replayed the old Radio Serials like ‘The Shadow’ and ‘Fiber McGee and Molly’. These radio serials used the ‘theater of the mind’. Many of the older directors new that the individual would imagine a scarier story in their mind, besides, it was radio.

The Avenger, Fibber McGee and Molly, Flash Gordon, Sam Spade, Burns and Allen and Buck Rogers were some of the shows I listened to. While my peers were listening to ‘head banging’ music, I was watching these old time serials in my mind. Imagine, thousands of people, just finishing dinner walking over to a radio console the size of a washing machine and gathering, as a family, to listen to these radio shows. A scene similar to the one depicted in the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ being played out all across the country. Most households had a radio but may not have had a telephone and the radio was the only form of entertainment and news. Radio has and will continue to be an important part of everybodies life. You can’t watch TV while driving, at least you shouldn’t.

I remember riding with my grandpa and he always had on ‘KFWB News 98. Give us 10 minutes and we will give you the world’. He was always listening to the news. He thought music was bubblegum for the brain. Now, this man sang in the church choir and with family sing-a-longs, but most modern music was mind numbing to him. So, I would listen to the news while riding with him. The news reporters tried to get to the truth no matter who it hurt, but they were journalists. It was their job to expose the truth to us, the people, because we are the government. But something twisted and perverted happened many years ago. Journalism died and we saw the birth of presstitutes. Now, a prostitute is someone that sells their bodies for money. But a presstitute is someone who has sold their soul in hopes that their opinion matters. To the point that they will knowingly lie and perpetuate that lie for power. They are not anyone worthy of our attention, whether on radio or newsprint, they are soul-less creatures whos shell may look the part, but is so biased and full of hate that they have betrayed their trade. Look at the major journalists, like Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Chicago Tribune…all of these papers have betrayed their honorable heratage to become nothing more than propaganda machines for the democratic party. In my town, I have seen a once prosperous and thriving newspapercut back so much because nobody wants to pay $1.50 a day for lies and propaganda. I wouldn’t even use it to line my birdcage with it. Even after being caught in a lie, the journalists, er, presstitutes double down on the lie.

Now, the presstitutes are pushing a new story about Chief Justice Bret Kavinaugh. Except the information is not new and was already investigated by the FBI and found to be false. The lady in question has stated now and a year ago that she has no recollection of the incident. I am sure that if a lady is raped or sexually preyed upon, she remembers it. So even after it came out that these allogations are not new and were already investigated, we hear that the truth does no matter, only the seriousness of the allogation. That is not true jurisprudence nor journalism.

Too many examples of non-journalism, but if you are listening to, or reading any kind of news, chances are you have been lied to.

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