California, the ugly truth

It wasn’t too long ago that you heard ‘go west young man’. In the mid 1850’s, John Soule expressed this sentiment in the Terre Haute express. That sentiment was repeated in the New York Tribune on July 13th, 1865 by Horace Greeley. With so many men returning from the Civil war, there was a need for these people to homestead. To make a life for themselves and their families. It was a time of imagination and expansion in America. 

This sentiment was even felt in the TV comedy series ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ in the theme song “…his kinfolk said Jed move away from there. Said California is the place you ought to be, so he loaded up his truck and moved to Beverly, Hills that is….”

I grew up in California, the southern part near Los Angeles. I had relatives who lived in the Northern part from San Jose to Merced so I had an opportunity to experience alot of what California had to offer. From snow skiing to water skiing. Lake fishing and ocean fishing. I explored mountains and bargains in stores. Yes, California had alot to offer. Many people flocked to California because the land was literally loaded with opportunity. It was the “bread basket” of the world yielding everything from oranges to olives and every crop you could plant. It was as if God himself blessed the land. 

But as always happens, corrupt people also moved west looking for an opportunity to take what was not theirs. Included in these politicians moved in to force their will and these nefarious people included politicians who promised their constituents that if they voted and trusted them, they would protect the people. 

Now, somehow the same political party that was responsible for segrigation and the KKK made it seem as if they were the political party that would help those same people out of poverty. Yes, you heard right, the democrat party was behind the KKK and all those killings of black people and segregation and seperation of whites and blacks. And the murder of Martin Luther King Jr was performed by a democrat and lifetime thug James Earl Ray. And an interesting little tidbit, Martin Luther King Jr was a republican.

Now, any organization is like an organism in that their only job is to survive and grow. This is true of any company or government agency. You will never hear a government agency claim “our job is done. you can disband us now. you don’t need us anymore or see a tax end. As a proof of that, look at you phone bill. There is a tax that is to help repay the Spanish-American war. This was supposed to be a temporary tax yet there is no sunset in sight for this tax that is supposed to repay a war that ended in 1898. 

So look at the democrat party that is a party of the poor. They have to have poor people as constituents to stay alive. They need a continually growing voter base that will always be in a continuous state of poverty. And what better than having thousands of illegal under educated and inexpierienced aliens crossing our southern border a day and promising them more than they will ever have in their shit-hole country?

Now the democratic politicians will claim that we are all from immigrants and that these are just poor, impoverished people trying to escape a bad situation and we should be open to ALL immigrants and have open borders. America is asovereign country with the obligation to control its borders. The government has a long history of limiting the number of immigrants that were legally allowed to enter this country vis-a-vi The Immigration act of 1924 among others. And remember, we are talking about LEGAL IMMIGRATION into this country, not making your first act breaking the laws of the country you wish to reside in. 

I do not give a pass to the republican party who could not ever be comfortable with winning and always find a way to give a win, no matter how little, to the democratic party. People like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan who were feckless morons who refused to take the message of the voters and support Donald Trump with the building of the Wall to maintain our Sovereignty. And the people of California voted in yet another socialist moron in Gavin Newsom (that replaced the illegal 4 term governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown who was both the youngest gov and the oldest gov) who continually stomps on the US Constitution and the California state Constitution. But what do you expect when the population of Los Angeles alone is more than many states combined, that is just Los Angeles county (10 million plus). Out of 50 states, Los Angeles county alone has more people than 42 other states. You can easily see why the electoral college is so important. And California has a population of 40 million which is more than any other state in the union. So with a state so populated why is California almost bankrupt?

Illegal immigration is a large contributing factor. With California providing so much for illegal immigrants, they have become cash strapped. Add to that the number of middle class people leaving this now shit-hole state, that removes even more tax money from the state forcing California to increase taxes again which fuels even more middle class to leave the state. The state is not yet bancrupt but it is currently insolvent which will lead to bancrupcy very soon. That’s because of a dirty little secret of an underfunded state pention program where fire, police and other state workers make more money in retirement than almost all the private sector retirees. While not being bancrupt because by law a state cannot go bancrupt, the state is morally bancrupt as are most, if not all the California politicians are corrupt i.e. Nancy Palosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer et al.

So, now the sentiment is to go east to Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and even New Mexico. Some go north to Oregon and Washington but the Californians all make the same mistake the illegal immigrants do, they bring their poor corrupted politics and attitudes with them to infect the unsuspecting states that they move to. Like a cancer, socialism will destroy and has destroyed every places it has been implimented in history

So, while I still have relatives in my birth state California, I would not be supprised if a large earthquake swallowed Sacramento whole taking the majority of corrupt politicians with it thereby giving California a chance to correct its mistakes of the past. And while at it, the earthquake can take all of Hollyweird with it.

One thought on “California, the ugly truth

  1. I too have watched the downward spiral of my home state. Strong and healthy agriculture thrived in the San Juaquin Valley, Imperial, San Diego, and Kern Counties, Inland Empire and all the way to the northern borders of the state. We were literally the “bread basket of the world.” Political baseball shut the water off from the farmers, taxation ran off industry. I grieve for the great loss of my home state.


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