As a child, I loved to read Highlights magazine. In it, there was always a section called Goofus and Gallant. The purpose was to help teach children what is good behavior vs bad behavior. Goofus would always be selfish, self centered, egotistical and just plain rude. Gallant was always selfless, polite, gentlemanly and thought of others as well as himself. Gallant would never lay on the floor and have a selfish temper tantrum. Gallant would never call people names or stereotype them. Gallant tried to be friendly to everyone including Goofus. Goofus would lie, he would never see other peoples views and was generally viewed as a total a*s. Goofus deserved discipline. He needed to be spanked for his selfishness.

In my life, I have been both Goofus and Gallant. I have held the door open for a lady or infirmed. I still do. I have had a temper tantrum. Did not get me very far. I have lied and got caught in the web that I created for myself. I can say that reading Goofus and Gallant, in some small way, helped form who I am today and in turn helped form who  my kids became as well.

So, look at the world today. Look at this David ‘the camera’ Hogg. He is a puppet for people like George Soros. He and others are acting like Goofus’. (Would that be Goofi?) Spoiled brats that were never spanked for bad behavior. Possibly because their parents were children of the Flower power hippies of the 60’s. Those that never bathed, believed in free love, lived in communes and smoked or ingested whatever drugs would make them feelbetter than the life they created for themselves. Or maybe, they were raised with so much hatred for our country, that they blurred the lines between ‘government’ and ‘country’. They want to ‘fundamentally’ change America, which inveritably means that America is flawed at its conception. They believe that if they could just be in control, they could make the socialist dream of utopia come true.

Goofus can be seen everywhere in government, both D’s and R’s. Those that are selfish and use their jobs for self promotion instead of ‘serving’ their constituents; us, the American people

Goofus can be seen everywhere in protests in the news. They are the ones claiming America is and always was bad. They are the ones wearing masks to hide their identities while tearing down what they don’t like, like statues of historical figures. They are the ones burning the American flag and disrespecting all the good that flag represents and all those that died defending what it represents. Goofus can be seen taking a knee to protest law enforcement all the while being paid millions of dollars a year to play a game demanding money to be donated to whatever cause they claim while not donating a penny of their own money.

Goofus can be seen demanding tax money go to support non citizens in services and support while ignoring citizens who do not recieve the same level of support or services forgetting that it is the citizen who pays for said services and support.

In 1999, Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment was in a movie called “The Sixth Sense” where the little boy claimed “I see dead people”. Like that little boy, I see goofus everywhere, all in need of a good public spanking.


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