The umbrella

You know what an umbrella is used for. Mostly, to protect the user from rain and snow. Some also use it to keep the sun off of them. Most people can see an umbrella and know what it is and how to use it. This half-moon shaped instrument can be very helpful when you need it. But look at the umbrella again. When used correctly, it diverts water away from the user, but hold it upside down and it is not as efficient. Used incorrectly, it no longer diverts water away but collects water, gets heavier and endangers the user with breaking and instantly drowning the user.

The media is much the same as that umbrella. When used correctly, truth is exposed. Truth is not bad nor is it good, but truth is. The media is supposed to share truth to the world and let the consumer decide for themselves its impact on their lives. To the righteous person, truth is nothing to fear. However, to the evil person, truth reviels something to fear, things to be ashamed of and hide from. The media was supposed to simply reviel the truth, good or bad. But in the past 40 years, the media has become complicit in extreme bias by hiding truth but instead create a false narrative and call it truth. The problem comes when you live so long with a lie, you begin to believe it to be true. Like holding the umbrella upside down, it fills up. There will be a time that the umbrella rips from the weight of the lies and drowns the user. 

If your umbrella breaks and is no longer useful, would you not simply replace it? So, if your chosen news source has proven faulty and no longer reports ‘truth’ but instead creates news and claims it to be truth, should we also not simply replace our source of news? 

Isaiah 5:20 reads “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”. 

Does it not, now, feel like what IS good is being called bad and vice versa? The reason is quite simple if you look at it with that mindset. Those that are not what society calls ‘normal’, no longer want to hide, like cockroaches’. So those that are bad, set out to fundamentally change society by making the good ‘bad’ and the bad ‘good’. 

For eight years, we have had a ‘fundamental change’ in society which means that which made America special, that special ingredient in the ‘melting pot’ of that special experiment ‘America’, that one thing that inspired all to be ‘free’ is God. The pilgrims sought to worship God freely. They sought the freedom to live in a free society where they can worship Him the way they wanted. Remember, at that time, the only allowed religion was ‘The Church of England’ where the King of England was the supreme governor of the church. England had seperated from Roman Catholic Church and claimed to be reformed where the Pope was no longer the top hierachy, but now the King of England was. This country was founded on the principle of religious freedom and our forefathers asked the almighty God for guidance. You should not lie, murder, steal, covet others. Covet. To want what someone else has. To want what someone else has worked for. That is the base of this fundamental change. To want what others have earned. 

What was good is now concidered by the minority as ‘bad’, so that which is concidered bad by the majority must be made to be concidered ‘good’. The umbrella is being held upside down. It is being used improperly and therefore not effective. It is up to society to decide its direction. Will it continue full speed toward the cliff, or will we not just hit the brake, but do a 180 and speed AWAY from the cliff? When you notice the umbrella is being held upside down, it is time to empty it and flip it around so it works right. We must demand our media to be honest and full of integrity.

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