We are all human beings. We are all flawed. And while we, in America, like to believe we are free, we are all masters and slaves. So again, what or who are you a slave to?

I am not talking about slavery where one human being is legally the property of another like what has been in the past of so many countries, not just America. No, what I am refering to is what do you worship?

In Exodus chapter 20 verse 3, we read “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”.

So, what does that mean really? How much time do you spend with God compared to, say, watching TV, playing  on the computer, on Facebook?  What you spend your time on, you are a slave to. God wants your time, attention and worship.

I am not someone that has alot of room to talk you understand. I watch too much TV, I have my hobbies that I enjoy, and I generally don’t spend as much time with God that I should. Now, what about you? Where do you spend your time, what are you a slave to?

Some are a slave to technology and they have to have the latest cell phone, tablet, fancy computer watch, or anything that is the latest and greatest computer technology. Others want the newest car or truck or fix up a classic and spend hours in the garage tweeking and building and restoring. Let us not forget the guy that is forever chasing his next bedroom conquest only to search the next one once he gets his way. We each have a weakness. I have seen body builders spend hours a day at the gym to keep their muscular physique. Could you then not say that they are worshipping their own body?

So again, who or what are you a slave to? This posting will not be as long as usual, but just a little introspective. Maybe you will also be just a little introspective also.

One thought on “What or who are you a slave to?

  1. The Apostle Paul said he was a willing slave of the Gospel of Christ, and in so doing, he was made free indeed. A worthy goal for all of us.
    I guess I, like so many others, spend too much time looking for news of my family on Facebook, or reading for pleasure, which has become therapy for me. I do try to read God’s Word on a daily basis, but I need to spend more time listening to Him. I’m not the slave I once was, but there is certainly a lot of room for improvement. This was a good thought provoker, Tinker. Thanks


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