You know how the rest goes. I stated in a previous post that, in the 6th grade, Mrs Ide was handing out countries for a report that we were supposed to do. This was approx. 1973, and we were still involved with a Cold War with what was then called the U.S.S.R. short for Union of Soviet Socialists Republic, a.k.a. the Soviet Union. This was before the fall of the Berlin wall and America was one of two super-powers, Russia being the second. While the other kids were choosing countries like France, Great Britain and Spain, I was sick at home. The next day, I was given the only country left (because nobody wanted it) Russia. Now, being that it was 1973, there were no smart phones, no Google and definately no internet. My research had to be done in libraries, encyclopedias, travel books and brochures. I learned how to operate a microfiche machine in the basement of the local University library. I had to learn the countries export products, its art, its people and its government. I read about its history and its fashion, the countries religion, or lack of and some of its customs. Being 11 years old, you could say that my heart was not in it and I did not do as good of a job as I could have or should have. I remember thinking that the people looked like the average American. I can now thank God that I was forced to do that report as I can now see what the difference between a free American citizen and a Russian subject is. In communist Russia, it is the government that decides how much education you can get, what kind of job you will have and how much money you can keep. The GOVERNMENT decides for you. Someone else decides your fate, future and life. That means that the people of Russia are slaves to the government.

Lets put it in terms todays generation can understand. If you go to your local grocery store to buy cereal, you have what seems like hundreds of choices. From Cap’t Crunch, Raisin Bran to Cheerios, to the store brands of them to the many bags of breakfast granola, you have choices to what you want and how much you want to buy. In a communist controlled society, your choice would be to buy one box of the one brand of cereal or not, that is your choice. Think of how you get your news. In America, you can buy the Times, the Chronicle, the local rag, get onto the internet or Google the subject that you want. (Although Google, being a privately owned company does direct you toward what they want you to see/read) but the point is, you have choices. In a communist controlled society, you have the choice of reading the government controlled news, or no news at all. That is your choice. The government even says you can’t protect yourself as any and all weapons are strictly controlled or outright banned. You can’t even have a pocket knife.

So imagine my feelings when I read that thousands of students walked out of school Wednesday to protest and ask for more gun control. These students whose heads are full of crap from socialist teachers actually demanding that they get fewer rights. They are admitting that they are too stupid to make choices for their lives. Let me explain. In our country, a person is considered an adult at the age of 18. They can join the military, if mentally, emotionally and physically able, learn to shoot a gun and risk their lives in the defense of this country. At 18, a person is old enough to vote and become the master of their own lives. Graduation is just the beginning as it means that you have learned the minimum. That is why it is called the commencement as you will go on with the beginning of your adult life. So now people that likes to eat tide pods and have communist teachers tell them what to think are now telling everyone that they are not old enough mentally or emotionally to own a rifle. I could support this if you also make it so you can’t vote until you are 21 years old also. So now, at 18, you can vote and risk your life to protect the country and be responsible for your own decisions but you cant drink or buy a rifle. All because of a Tide-Pod eating communist robot says that they are not smart enough to be held responsible for their own actions and they don’t think anyone under the age of 21 is either. This coming from the same snowflakes that need cry-rooms when the person they wanted to be president looses the election. You remember that famous YouTube posting of a young girl threatening suicide if Hillary wasn’t “given” the president’s job.

It is a major disservice that, well it is no wonder why anyway that public schools no longer teach the evils of communism. Since most professors are, they don’t want their students to recognize it until it is too late. But when I was in school, I had to read classical literature like ‘The Grapes of Wrath”, “The Scarlett Letter”, “Feirenheight 451” and either “Animal Farm” or “1984”. The last two books were written in the 1940’s where the rise of communism was apperent in both communist Russia and Socialist Germany. Both books were a warning from George Orwell as to the dangers and evil of government control of the individual. Come to think of it, the same could be said for Feirenheight 451 as the government destroyed all books and controlled what the populace learned. The point is, our youth, the future of our society, is so dumbed down that our very way of life, our freedom, the very notion of accountability, self reliance and rugged individualism has been eliminated from so many of our youth. The very thought of these young skulls full of crap, marching to have government take more individual rights away, all sanctioned by the government to me is like watching the cattle walking up to the butcher and saying ‘ kill me now, I am too stupid to live free’. And it is your fault as a parent if your little crumb snatcher participated in this government sanction walk out. Had my kids participated, it would not have gone well for them. If they want to live like a communist then by God I would be more than willing to be the Czar and they would know what it is to live without rights.

The need for school vouchers has never been more apparent to me. As a parent, I should be able to choose where my child is educated. Public indoctrination centers, er sorry, public schools are in need of a purging of certain tenured professors and teachers. If you are not monitoring what your children are learning, it is your fault. Go to a Parent Teacher conference and attend the PTA meetings of your children’s school. The future of your children’s and your freedom may depend on it.



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