How hard is it to wash cloths now? I mean really, now the detergant comes premeasured in a sealed pouch or pod that desolves in water. No more measuring or using too much soap. You just put in a load of dirty cloths, add a soap pod and turn on the washer. Now, who in their right mind would purposely put a Tide pod in their mouth? Well, believe it or not, the same group of kids that would leave school ‘en mas’ to demand more gun control. Don’t believe me? A simple Youtube search will bring up a slew of people the took the ‘Tide pod’ challenge and quite a few were admitted into the ER.

I do not discount the trauma that the students of the High School in Parkland Florida feel. Yes they have a right to be angry and feel unsafe. But when a 16 year old High School student wants to lecture me as to why I am evil for owning a gun and demand that I relinquish my Second Ammendment rights to self protection, I want to remind everyone that it was just a week or so before this incident that the biggest challenge to their lives was surviving the Tide pod challenge. The same mentality of young minds full of crap and vertually no life experience now wants to become the poster child for the anti gun movement.

Look, I was 16 years old once. I was one of the most level headed kids in my class with a very high IQ back then and I can tell you that I was an idiot. I had no life experience and even though I had a high IQ, I was also a walking hormone that saw boobs almost everywhere. I had no concept of the reason for the Constitution. Oh I had read about it and was taught about the Revolutionary war, but I had no basis in reality of what it meant and why it is so important. I had no concept of how the Constitution effected my life. And I can tell you, that had I heard there was going to be a walk out, no matter the reason, I would have joined in just to get out of Dr. Blakes english class.

Which brings me to another point. It seems as if (and the proof is evident) the the anti gun people in the media and the anti NRA people in Congress are using these kids to further their agenda. It is clear, to anyone that ‘thinks’ about this problem, that it is complex and forces one to ask many questions. As I stated in a previous post, there are many questions that must be asked by people with clear heads, not heads still steeped in emotion. Questions like why were the police called to the student killers house over 30 times in two years? Why didn’t the FBI act on the information that they had on the student killer BEFORE the incident, as they had a large file on him. Why was there only one armed SRO (Sheriff resource officer) in a school of over 3000, and why did he not enter the building where the student killer was actively killing? Why was the student killer on psych-tropic drugs? What mental problem did he have and who all knew about it? What kind of video games did he play and why was he expelled from school?

In human history, there were a group of people that sacrificed their children to further their religious and political beliefs. The Caananites. They worshipped a god named Baal, more specifically, Ba’al who was worshipped as the god of fertility, weather, rain, wind, lightning, seasons, war, patron of sailors and sea-going merchants, leader of the Rephaim (ancestral spirits). They, the Caananites, routinely sacrificed their children to appease their god. So, what is the difference between sacrificing children to the god Ba’al and sacrificing children to the god of liberal political movement? I have noticed that the ultra liberals routinely claim that their policies are better and should be passed ‘if just one child is….’ Remember the Congressional debates in December of 1996 when most of the Democratic men wore ‘Save the Children’ ties and the women Democratic members wore ‘Save the Children’ scarves? The whole debate was a reduction in the rate of growth of the budget. But the Democrats claimed it was a budget reduction and that children would be dying in the streets of starvation if the budget was not passed. I saw politicians using children to further their political agenda.   I had the same feeling when the commercials would come on TV showing starving children and a celebrity begging for money while crying her heart out. Yes, I felt bad for the children but I hated the feeling of maniputation more.Again, someone using children to fulfill their political agenda. And I get the same feeling of manipulation with the school shootings and the anti-gun agenda. No one wants to delve deeper into the problem than simply blaming the gun or gun ownership. Why is that? Think of that the next time some politician tells you that you must listen to some pimply faced 16 year old who thinks a good time is participating in the Tide pod challenge.

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