After the latest school shooting, there has been outrage yet again against gun ownership. The liberals are demanding an open discussion about the problem and I say ‘Bring it on”.

Before we address guns and gun ownership, lets first discuss the fact that all these schools are ‘GUN FREE ZONES’. So, basically the kids are in a shooting gallery with little or no reliable protection. Our politicians have armed guards at the capitol. Are our politicians more important than our school kids? If we really value the safety of our kids, we must make sure that there are armed and trained people that can protect our children. How about taking retired veterans as volunteers to take turns just patrolling the schools coordinating with the local police?

Next, lets talk about the mind altering drugs that we have over prescribed to our kids. A recent study claims that over 19% of school aged boys are classified as ADHD when in fact, less than 10% are actually ADHD. That means that we have over prescribed drugs to control ADHD by over 100%. Drugs like Addoral, Ritalin, Concerta and Vyvanse. The legally prescribed drugs being abused has become epidemic with drugs like Dilaudid, Vicodin, OxyContin, Exalgo, Norco Avenza and Astramorph being given seemingly willy nilly by ER doctors. And drugs like Ambian and Ritalin being prescribed to students when the known side effects of these drugs are horrific and have been linked to many crimes including those committed by student gunmen at schools.

Next, let’s talk about the movie industry and Hollywood’s part in these senseless killings. With most of todays movies glorifying death and showing, thru computer generated graphics, blood and brain matter being splattered across the set. Movies where it is impossible to count the dead bodies. Movies like Friday the 13th and all of its sequels or Nightmare on Elm Street and all the zombie movies et al that seem to glorify blood, guts and gore. Can’t we then place part of the blame on Hollywood?

What about the computer gaming industry? With games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ where you can actually gain points by killing a hooker or running over pedestrians. Games like ‘Warcraft’, ‘Warhammer’, ‘The Witcher’, ‘Battlefront’, ‘Battlefield’ and others that desensitize kids towards violence. Many kids have been known to spend hours upon hours playing these games. How much of an effect have these games had on some susceptible kids? We know that those that committed the attack on the Columbine School had gotten some of their ideas from games such as these. We can then place part of the blame on the computer gaming industry.

Next, let’s talk about Law Enforcement. In the latest school tragedy, the killer was a former student that had the local police called to his house many, many times in the last 2 years. The FBI had a file on this killer kid and was even warned about him. His former classmates even joked that if there was another school shooting, it would probably be him. We can then place part of the blame on law enforcement and their lack of action. Looks like established laws did not stop him did it. So what new law would stop the next killer? As I stated in a previous post, laws will never stop crime, laws only place a punishment if a crime is committed.

Next, let’s talk about out public school system. You don’t see mass school shooting happen in private schools, only public schools. Places that have become socialists indoctrination centers for young minds full of kangaroo poo. How many socialist and ultra liberal teachers are pumping their students with grandiose ideas of rebellion and anarchy? There is a reason we don’t let citizens under the age of 18 vote. It’s because they have no concept of reality. They still have to goto emotional trauma ‘cry rooms’ because the president that they wanted did not win. They are ‘cry baby pissy pants’ because they get a failing grade because they did not study. They can’t participate in sports where some win and some loose, they have to be given participation trophies. You can’t even look at them sternly because ‘it will make them feel bad’. And you want me to listen to these morons? They can’t even get my order at McDonalds right.

OK, what about guns? I remember a time when student had guns in gun racks in their trucks because they were going hunting after school or went shooting before school. There were no mass shootings then. Why is it that the first thing anyone says, BEFORE THE SMOKE CLEARS is they want to take away all the guns or demand even more useless laws? They say only in America do gun violence in schools happen when a simple Google search would disprove that lie. Canada, Mexico, Russia and China have had their share of school violence. And the statistics used by the liberals claiming multiple school shootings is bull schtick. Just because someone is in a parking lot near a school and gets shot from a ricochet from a gang shooting does not make it a school shooting. What about the brave football coach that placed his body between the shooter and his students? What if he had been trained the carry concealed? Could he have stopped the killer student right then and still saved not only his students life but his own?

And finally, can’t we as a society take some of the blame when we value the senseless slaughter of our babies thru abortion? If you kill your baby, you are said to have made a personal ‘choice’, but if you wait a couple of years then kill, you are a murderer.

So, yes, let’s have this open and honest discussion. I wont be the one trying to hide behind emotional bull shit.



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