1E8D8BC3-BC43-4A4C-A93C-4D20829ECF22I freely admit that I like some science fiction, not so much science fantacy, but scifi. Like, in Star Wars, Darth Vader weilds a ‘lightsaber’, a type of sword made of light and not metal, an impossability. Star Wars is a ‘space opera’ and not true science fiction. Star Trek was more science fiction as in when Captain James Tiberious Kirk signed a report presented to him, it was like an iPad type device or the communicator device looks so much like a flip phone it could be said Gene Rodenberry forsaw alot of our future tech that we have today. And people like me who has watched too much T.V. and movies can tell you, sometimes a ‘B’ movie can be alot of fun to watch too. Now, to those that don’t get the reference, a ‘B’ movie was a sort of filler. Back in the day, theaters had a double feature where one movie would be a mega hit movie with big named stars but it would be shown after a filler movie, or B movie. Alot of Hollywood stars got their start in such movies. One of those B movies I remember was a movie with Melanie Griffith before she was a Hollywood name, called Cherry 2000. It was a story about a futuristic society where there were androids to do much of the work mankind needed. A man had such an android and it was of the Cherry 2000 series which was a sex droid. No, it was not a porno flick. Anyway, it broke down and was destroyed. Its memory core was stored in a small disc about the size of a silver dollar, and all he needed was to obtain another model Cherry 2000, insert the memory disc and he would have his sex droid and life back. In the movie, there is a bar scene where people would go to get a drink and maybe pick up a date for the night, go figure. Imagine people actually going to a bar to pick up a date. Anyway, people would bring there liars, er excuse me, lawyers to the bar with them to hash out a dating contract. Like “you can kiss me, buy me dinner and I will spend 2 hours with you, but the date is over at 11:00pm”. Imagine having to go to a bar with your lawyer just to make a dating contract. What message does that send? Well, it may not be far off the mark. Look at all the dirt, real and fake, being claimed by women being groped 20 years or so ago by so and so. Now, I am not saying that all of these claims are false, but how can you prove or disprove a claim that old? There are legitemate cases of rape, sexual misconduct, discrimination and people not keeping their little head where it belongs. These do need to be addressed and corrected, but is it possible that this is the new way the liberal left will try to get their way?

Do Italian men in their native country have to suffer claims of groping 20 years after said act took place? Or what about the French? It is said that the French are some of the most romantic people. Ya, I want to call an audible fowl on that one. Women with armpit hair long enough to braid, or perfume strong enough to cover body odor three days old, eww!

Imagine, with so many lawyers in this country, we could employ more of them. Set up offices in bars so you could draw up a contract for the date. Can you imagine going to court because your dating contract said you could kiss a girl 5 times but not 6? What would the penalty be? How could a real man like John Wayne court a prospective mate? How would the remake of ‘The Quiet Man’ go? What happened to the ‘real men’ and the ‘real women’ in this country? Women no longer wear dresses, not even tight blue jeans, but leggings, and alot of them have no business wearing them. What self respecting woman would wear sweats with the word ‘juicy’ across the buttocks. What woman wants to be known as JUICY? What do women expect from men when she wears a shear low cut blouse, beige leggings with way too much makeup, enough to make the hookers on Hollywood Blvd jealous? I guess that I could be accused of alot because how can you prove you DIDN’T do something 20 years ago?

Is a bar scene like that depicted in Cherry 2000 the way of the future? Are we all to wear body cameras now? Will Big Brother find a way to invade every aspect of our lives, even the clumsey youths attempt at courting?  This post is just the ramblings of an observer of life compared to that depicted in movies. Just something to ponder. Geesh, how clumsey and clutzy was I when first dated my wife of 33 years. It is a wonder there was a second date.

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