Many of you don’t remember the great cartoons the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Daffy Duck, George of the Jungle, Tom Slick and Popeye. These are the cartoons that occupied my Saturday mornings as I grew up. While parents tried to sleep in on Saturday, their children watched ‘ The Buggs Bunny Road Runner’ hour, and ate cereal like Kicks or Cheereos or Cap’n Crunch. One of Popeye signature sayings was ‘ I’ve had all I can stans, I can’t stand no more’ at which point he would pull out a can of spinach and guzzle it down to become the super strong man that could beat Bluto, giant octopus or whatever situation he was in.

How I wish America would collectively yell ‘I have all I can stans, I can’t stand no more’ when it comes to the NFL and the politicization of American Football. The NFL is a private organization and has written rules set for each player like if the NFL has a sponsor of Nike, a player can not wear Reebok tennis shoes. If one of the sponsors is Campbell’s soup, you had better not be seen in public eating a competitors soup. Players have been fined $10,000 dollars for violating NFL rules. Another written rule is that, while the National Anthem is being played, the player is to stand with their helmet held at their side as a sign of respect. Many men and women have fought and died to maintain freedom in America. My father, several uncles and my grandfather served in the US military. Many other men served and died. The Flag of the United States and the National Anthem represent the sacrifice of many men and families to give these grown men the right to play a childs game and make millions of dollars. I think it is a small sacrifice to at least stand during the National Anthem. By disrespecting our National Anthem and our flag, you disrespect the men and women that fought and died for your freedom. You disrespect the average American citizen as well as you believe your opinion is more important than ours.

Yes, these men have the right to protest. But they have to realize that none of them are being persecuted. With millions of dollars in their bank accounts, multiple ex wives and many children, how can they say they are persecuted? Doctors save lives and create cures for diseases and don’t have millions of dollars in their bank accounts but players in the NFL do. They don’t save lives, they get to play a game. All they do is literally play a game to entertain us and get a boatload of money not to mention endorsements which could be worth millions themselves. Let me reiterate, these are grown men that GET to play a child game and make a lot of money. What the hell are they protesting?  Try getting millions of dollars playing football in the middle East. Count your lucky stars, shut up and just play football. I already could not give a sh…neeze about American Football anymore. I think there is more heart and effort in college football anyway. While I don’t usually supported boycotts, there is a place for it. If your a player in the NFL, I don’t want to hear your opinion on politics. Just like actors in Hollyweird, they are professional liars who ACT like a fictional character. I don’t care what your opinion is of the president, healthcare or education. Shut up and act. It is us who pay your salary. If we stopped buying products from your sponsors, stopped buying NFL paraphernalia and stopped buying tickets, you would be out on your ass looking for real work.

Frankly, I wouldn’t hire you to rake my lawn. Shut up, stand up and play.

One thought on “I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more

  1. Hoorah hoorah I totally agree. It infuriates me when the athletes will not stand up and cross their heart or hold her helmet where they’re supposed to for the national anthem. I don’t believe that they are true Americans,it’s not a protest it’s being a radical statement. Being disrespectful of the land that they live in. You’re right they wouldn’t get a penny for playing football in the Middle East. I am very proud to be an American. As Merle Haggard singing his song I’m proud to be an Okie from Muskogee we should all be honored to live in this country. I know there’s a lot of immigrants here America is made up of immigrants. All of our histories come from another land and that is also to be proud of. But to be disrespectful of the symbols of that land is totally wrong. We should all feel blessed that God has given us freedom to express ourselves yes but to be respectful of what we express.
    Today’s generation has no idea what it is to go without. And that is a part of the problem of America today. We see young people with closets overflowing of the national brand clothes and shoes. They weren’t born where they had only one pair of shoes that had to last them for the whole school year. Maybe it’s not right for athletes to get scholarships to college and get college for free to go on to NFL or AFL and be able to disrespect this country. I would love to have gone to college but I didn’t have the money to go and I wasn’t smart enough to qualify for scholarships. We all need to be thankful to the good Lord that he placed us here in this land and he placed us for a reason. So you did a good job there kiddo I like your article.


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