I can’t believe that I am going to agree with a Hollywierd liberal. I could never side with the likes of a George Clooney or Rosie O’Donald because they are just bat-crap crazy. I heard something yesterday that I could not disagree with and it was said by a lefty Hollywood actor. And what is also relevent, is it fits in with my last blog. Our youth are sorely uneducated, especially when it comes to civics and the Constitution of the United States of America. You may have noticed that those in charge of your children education pick and choose what to teach. In many cases, like that of schools in California, history books are rewritten with lies and are taught as truth. So imagine my pleasant suprise that Richard Dreyfuss stated that our youth needs to be taught American civics and respect for the Constitution. He so very eloquently opined that our youth need to be taught proper American history and how & why our Contitution was written. In fact, Mr. Dreyfuss created a website based on the name ‘The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative’. There, you are urged to sign the Preamble the the Constitution of the United States of America.
How can we expect our youth to be prepared to be future leaders without the basic knowledge of our countries foundation of our God given rights. Our country, for the first time in human history, was founded that ‘We the people’ are the nation. That we are a Constitutional Republic which means ‘We the people’ elect representatives to ‘represent us’ in matters of writting laws that govern us. That even many adults are lacking in the basic knowledge of how our country was founded, and why. Even many of our representatives have forgotten what a responsability it is and an honor to represent ‘we the people’.
I went onto his created website and signed the Preamble. I believe he has a passion for this and he is correct. Along with reading, writing and arithmetic, our youth need this basic knowledge of American civics. It is no accident that the Statue of Liberty faces east. It is not to welcome immigrants to our nation, even though she does. She is facing the rest of the world as a beacon of Liberty. She is showing us that freedom and liberty needs to be shared with the rest of the world, not forced upon the world but shared. To be a light on the hill, she stands resolute guiding freedom outward to the rest of the world. How can we, as a nation, expect to survive in the future if our youth are ill-prepared to continue the values that created the greatest nation, the most wealth and the principle that merit with hard work can propel an individual no matter their skin color, gender or background.
So I, a conservative Constitutionalist urge you to log onto Richard Dreyfuss’ website and support the future of our countries leaders by giving them the education and tools to think critically to be our future leaders, otherwise we will outsource that too which would be a shame and a mistake.

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