As I lay awake this morning, I am thinking of the ‘Great American eclipse’ that will happen today. Could it be a sign from heaven, a warning from God that we must turn our eyes on him? In the bible, an eclipse has been a way for God to send a warning. God has sent messengers, caused signs like an eclipse, sent sounds from heaven hat sound like a rams horn, sent rain once and promised never to destroythe earth with rain again, sent locusts, firey hail, turned water blood red, caused mass fish to die and wash ashore. God has many ways of sending a message. I have seen several eclipse before, but they are usually only partial eclipse that might last just a couple of minutes. These tpe of phenomenon happen regularly somewhere on earth. But this eclipse is different. This eclipse will be a total eclipse that passes from the west coast to the east coast. It will be seen in the west coast early in the morning and be seen in the east coast this evening, even though the sun raises in the east and sets in the west, the ecplipse will be seen from west to east. I find that an interesting tidbit.

Also, I have heard that many will be participating in parties. Peaple taking the day off, buying special glasses to view the eclipse, scheduling their weddings during the eclipse. Kind of like King Belshazzar who held a drunken feast during an eclipse, and we see how the Persians took advantage of a nation who was too drunk and looking at the eclipse as a sign to ‘get down and funky’. Could the little fat North Korean pot bellied pig, Kim Jong Un be planning something while America takes time to party down and get jiggy with it? 

No matter what happens, it is clear that we are one day closer to the end times. Jesus said he will come like a thief in the night, and an eclipse allows a day to be like night and a night to be like day. Is there a significance to that? While it will be day in America, it will be night elsewhere but it will be like night in America, so a large portion of the earth will be darkened. We have experienced hail and rain in August. The entire month of July was very damp and mild where I live instead of hot and dry. Usually, when this happens, a severe winter will follow. Signs from heaven? Since God made the universe, He also set the timing of the heavenly bodies. Something to ponder.

But no matter what this ‘Great American Eclipse’ is, it is clear to me the passage in the bible… ‘2 Chronicles 7:14. Humble yourself, seek God, pray for forgiveness and turn from our wicked ways, THEN God will will hear us from heaven and heal our land, because darkness is upon the land, literally and figuratively.

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