You have seen them scurrying around. Maybe you have had them as pets. I, myself, had a rat as a pet. Now, you may think that mice and rats are the same, but upon closer examination, you can see the subtle differences. Rats like small groups, mice like larger groups. Rats have a thick tail where mice have a small, spagetti like tail. Mice have big ears but rats have smaller ears. Both have delicate hand like front paws to manipulate food and both can live near water but the rat can swim for a long distance. In both cases, if you see one, there are many more you dont see.

Now, lets look at the ‘swamp’, or rather cesspool, that is Washington D.C. Democrates vs Republicans. Many people see that they are both the same, or at least act very similarly. Like those that see mice similar to rats but don’t see the differences. When democrats held majorities in the House of Representatives, the Senate AND White House, the Republicans felt safe enough to try and stop Obamacare or AHA. Then they claimed they needed the House of Representative and the American people responded and gave them a majority. Then they tried to repeal AMA but failed so they cried out begging for a majority in the Senate. Again the American people responded and gave the Republicans a majority there as well. Then, after more failed attempts to repeal this bad bill, they begged for a Republican President in the White House and yes, the American people again spokeout with their votes and gave them Donald Trump. So, how does the Republican majority respond? By trying to pass nothing more than a pig with lipstick, or if you will, a turd covered in chocolate. Thy still refuse to repeal AHA in toto then replace, they are trying to ‘fix’ Obamacare.

It is no wonder why the general populace can’t see a difference between a democrat or a Republican. But let us try to see the subtle differences. Like mice vs rats, there are diferences. The democrates fight a long game. They take any and all ‘progressive’ advancements toward socialism as a victory then fight like mad to retain those advancements no matter who it hurts. Republicans fight a short game, thinking only how to win the fight, even if they loose the battle. If a democrat is caught in an illegal act, they circle the wagons and defend him, deny any wrong-doing or destroy any evidence for that person. If a Republican is seen near an illegal act, they rebuf him and denounce him, basically destroying him. They fight very differently, just like mice and rats. Mice will ‘jet’ away trying to find a place to hide and make small attacks. Death by many bites, or a plaque by many mites. Rats attack differently. In a fight between a mouse and a rat in an enclosed space, the mouse will try to get behind the rat and bite the tail while the rat will try to confront the mouse and have a frontal assault, trying to bite at the smaller animals head. Mice, like democrats fight the ‘death by many bites’. Many small advancements toward socialism so you become aclimated to them over time. Rats respond to the attacts to its tail just to stop the attack, just like Republican only responding in a way that ‘looks’ good if they might loose but do nothing when they might win, because at the heart of it all, Republicans have forgotten how to lead.

Just like mice and rats, from a distance, they look similar. But if you take a moment, you can see the differences. So, when you look at ‘the Dome of Dummies’ in Washington D.C., don’t assume they are similar or the same. Look for the subtle differences. When you do, you will come to the same conclusion that I did. THEY ARE ALL RODENTS. They have become entrenched in the sewers and swim up the toilets of Americans just so they can bite you in the ass. Get rid of the lot and replace them all with men from society that might actually keep the best interest of America in mind. And one more thing: stop watching news that is biased. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, et. al. they are all not worth your patronage. Those fake news agencies are the militant wing of the democratic party. The ‘propagandists’ so to speak.

Grandma always said that a new broom sweeps cleanly. Sweep out the crap from Washington D.C., drain the swamp and clean up the cesspool. Then we might actually get something done.

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