Alright, if the people that work in the ‘dome of dummies’ really want to fix the damage created by the AHCA (Obamacare), then this is how to do it, repeal then replace. By that, I mean create a bill to repeal the bill and do not include any ‘riders’ on the bill. Make the bill solely to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act because it is neither affordable nor does it help provide what Americans need, choice. Then create a bill which utilizes the strength of America, competition. Allow the individual to choose the healthcare that they feel best fits their needs. Allow healthcare insurance companies to provide their product across state lines. Allow individuals to create a healthcare savings account that is not taxed and follows the individual and that can be inhereted, again tax free. Once you create competition in healthcare, you give the individual citizen choice in the purchase of a product.

When the VCR (video cassette recorder) first came out, they were very expensive. In 1956, one of the earliest versions of the technology was $50,000 dollars. That is $50,000 1956 dollars which meant that only television stations could afford them. In 1965, a form of the technology could be used in the home for around the mid thousand ($1500). Then, when it was apperent that people would buy that technology, companies started to produce more which brought the prices down. When many companies were in competion with each other, competition flooded the market which also lowered the price. Before the VCR became extinct, they could be had for $50. Competition drives prices down and gives people choices.

Healthcare is not a right, it is a service which makes it a product. Highly skilled people, from specialists doctors, generalist doctors, nurses, CNA’s to radiologists, healthcare is a service provided by people for people. In many ways, auto mechanics, plumbers, A/C mechanics, technicians and other service providers all provide a service. By claiming healthcare as a right, you are claiming that a person that provides a service must provide that service to you. Sounds like a form of servitude. Everyone is a slave to the government.

I find it odd that when Barrack Obama was president and the democrats had the majority in the House of Representatives and Congress, they drafted the Affordable Health Care Act, A.K.A. Obamacare behind closed doors without any input from republicans and that bill was well over 11000 pages long (USA Today Oct 23, 2013). Washington Post  Did you read that correctly? That is eleven thousand plus pages long, regulating everything right down to the classification of the BandAid. Nancy Palosi stood before the Representatives in the House of Representatives and said ” But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it,”

Contrast that to now. The white House has a republican president. Both chambers of congress have a slight majority of republicans. Both chambers are drafting a replacement version of Obamacare. The AARP spent literally millions in television ads against both versions before either was drafted. The democrats are all acting all butt hurt that both versions are being drafted behind closed doors without their input. So, it is OK for the democrats to do it, but not OK when the republicans do it. The republican versions were like 150 ish pages long, not thousands, but, but, but….again, it is OK for the democrats but not the republicans. Again, a double standard.

Well, I got news for the idiots in the dome of dumbies, America is tired of your bull schtick, both of you. That is the main reason Donald Trump was elected. He is not someone who has been infected with the cancer of politics. I am a Constitutional Conservative and even I am tired of the (mom, please excuse me) shit that is being generated in Washington D.C. Trump needs to ‘drain the swamp’ of rino’s and anti-Americans that have spent a lifetime swimming in the sewers of politics. I think all members of Congress and the Senate should be fired and replaced with average Americans that are not liars, er, lawyers. Obama and his anti-American accomplices did alot of damage to the Constitution of the United States of America. In many instances, he even bypassed and subverted it.

Healthcare is a service. Healthcare is important. Healthcare is not a right. And one more thing, government ruins everything it controls.

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