We have all heard it. The politically correct crowd says not to condemn a group of people because most of them are peaceful. Right now, the flavor of the times are the people of the Islamic faith. How many times have you heard that Islam is a religion of peace? That we must be tolerant of Muslims because of the peaceful majority, is what we hear all too often today. Is that what you think?

Well, let us go into our ‘way back machine’ as Mr. Peabody would say and look at some other instances of ‘the peaceful majority’. In the late 1930’s through the better part of 1940’s, there were a large group of Germans who were members of the ‘peaceful majority’ who became insignificant when compaired to the radical minority. I am sure there were many Germans that did not want to stick Jews in large ovens and cook them to death or march large groups into gas chambers to be murdered by a mixture of vile chemicals that left its victims painfully gasping for air. I am sure that there were, in Germany, a ‘peaceful majority’ that thought it was cruel to take members of their community that practiced a different religion and without anesthesia, cut open the flesh of these people and put ground up glass in the wounds only to crudely stitch them up just to see what would happen to them. And surely, there were a peaceful majority that would not approve of soldiers, taking Jewish women out to a field, stipping them naked, shoving their gun barrels in the womans private place and pulling the trigger, then leaving the bodies in a mass grave. Since the peaceful majority stood by and did nothing against the violent few, they became enablers of the violent. Approx. 14 million people were murdered and butchered in concentration camps of which over 6 million Jewish people were slaughtered, in part, because the peaceful majority did nothing to stop the violent minority.

Most people in Russia were members of the peaceful majority, but the violent minority still managed to murder over 20 million people because the peaceful majority were silent which made them irrelevent.

In China, most Chinese were peaceful, yet the violent minority were able to slaughter over 70 million people. The peaceful majority were silent which made them irrelevent.

Japan, prior to WWII, murdered over 12 million innocent people, most were killed with swords, shovels and picks. Again, the peaceful majority stood silent which enabled the violent minority. So the peaceful majority? Well, they were insignificant.

In Cambodia, most were members of the peaceful majority, yet they were insignificant and irrelevent against the violent minority  when over 1.5 million were slaghtered.

How can we fight against an ideology of hate and murder? The violent minority teach their children at an early age that Alla will bless them if they kill non believers of their religion. They live and die by the sword. To them, they are at war will the world of non believers. They call it a Holy War or jehad. ‘Convert or die’ is their montra. They believe it is not a sin to lie to an infidel. The peaceful majority are insignificant against the violent minority when they believe it is OK to teach children that strapping a bomb to their back and running into a crowded place to kill as many people as possible just because they believe in a different religion. When the Muslim peaceful majority stand by and do not stand against the violent minority, they are irrelevent and enable the violent minority. With an estimated 15 to 25% of Muslims that are members of the violent minority, that ideology must be resisted by the 75 to 85% of the peaceful majority. Homosexuals are slaughtered just for being homosexual, being thrown off tall buildings or worse. Women are a second class citizens and must have at least 4 male witnesses to rape. Little girls are forced to go through what is called female circumcision (look up what this butchering technique is and how it is done) and members of the Islamic faith that leave the faith are to be beheaded. Again, the peaceful majority are irrelevent. The innocent dead are crying out for justice, and the peaceful majority do nothing to stop little 8 year old girls from dying at a concert. We send or children to concerts, the violent minority send their children to murder.

Only a truthful and open discussion of the ideology of hate and intolerance can shed a light on the problem, not hiding your head and trying to be sensitive to the peaceful majority. It is time we, the peaceful majority stand against the violent minority. Use our voices and demand from our representatives that the violent minority not be given any power. We need to vet each and every person coming to America. Those that want to accept the blessings of Liberty must also respect and conform to our laws or not be let in. They must conform to us, not conform us to their violent and wicked ways.

In WWII, America was part of the global peaceful majority until we were attacked. Well, when will the global peaceful majority of today stand against the violent minority?


One thought on “Peaceful majority

  1. Good article I enjoyed what you wrote . We tend to sit back on our laurels and do nothing when people do wrong things. For some reason we allow the wrong to get away with the wrong things . How can we set back and allow things to happen that are so crazy so horrible so wrong and we do nothing about it . We have people on death row who have been there forever I do believe in capital punishment . We allow monsters like the ruler of Syria to get away with mass murder and we do nothing . The world does nothing . I can understand the morning to leave the horror that they’re living in but for all the thousands and millions that are leaving why can’t they stand up and fight for their country instead of trying to infiltrate somebody else’s country . I don’t believe that Islam is a face I believe it is a culture and way of living not a faith . What they believe in we disagree with . And when they are allowed to come into our country we are supposed to bow down to their desires to worship their God in their way whenever they want to where ever they are . Why is it they can do their praying in school but American children can’t . Why do they want to erase our holidays and have there’s . They want to keep a part of their culture alive and I believe that should be done in their own countries so I am agreeing with President Trump . I do believe there should be a stopping of allowing thousands and thousands of Muslims and our country just for them to create their own nation in America they weren’t here originally but then we were to either but we didn’t allow horrible acts that happen except for our wars to conquer this land . I haven’t seen any Americans created Yade I haven’t seen any Americans that were willing to strap on a bomb and go kill people they have all been Islamic people that have done this or converters to Islam you’re right the wrongs that have been done over the centuries by minorities and the majorities did nothing is flabbergasted into me if you tell me I cannot worship my God you and I are gonna have a fight no matter whether I win or lose I will defend my right to worship God Almighty Creator of heaven and earth . So I enjoyed your article very much and I thank you for writing it . Okay


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