After High School, I went to Community College because I could not qualify for grants or any scholarships. My dad was already working two jobs and I wanted to make my own way in life, not to mention I became disillusioned after deciding not to persue the field I thought I wanted to study. I needed to ‘find my niche’ and going to community college might help me figure things out. But I was not ‘given’ a college education. A few years later, I had a chance to apply for an apprenticeship job at a major company, which would have meant great training and salary. It could have meant a lucrative livelyhood. Had I got that job, I would be able to retire now at more than I now make. The company had a government contract, so they had to meet certain requirements. They had 50 openings and after a preliminary interview, a test was given. Out of hundreds of applicants, I scored 52nd and thought I had a good chance at getting one of the appenticeship openings since several people that scored higher than me chose a different career path. I was called in for an interview after my test and was told that, unfortunately, after he hired the manditory minorities who scored lower than me, I would not be hired. Which meant they had a quota based on skin color and not qualification.

I then applied for a job at a manufacturing plant. The human resource person placed a code on my application. When she was not looking, I looked at a chart on her desk only to find that the code was that I was white and prioritised for hire. It turns out that this company needed to fulfill the quota of white people to maintain a government contract. As I found out later, the company had very few caucasions. I got the job that day without an interview.

In college, a fellow student claimed he was decended from slaves and I could never know what it was like to be him. I promptly told him I could trace my roots to a decendant who imigrated to America in 1717 to Philidelphia as an endentured servant. Now, for those of you who do not know, endentured servatude was a way to sell yourself into slavery until a debt has been paid off. The only way he had to get to the colonies was to become a slave to pay his way. I then told him that there was no way for him to know me or my story just as I could not know him or his story, but that neither of us nor our parents were slaves.

I grew up in Los Angeles in the 60’s and 70’s. I saw firsthand riots, I met members of the black panthers and KKK, not by choice but by force. I grew up in a neighborhood that was near the border of the Crips and the Bloods turf wars. I had friends that were members of El Lobos. My High School was one of the few that did not have to participate in busing to the innercities because we were already diverse.

I am caucasion, but I did not benefit from so called white privelage. My wife and I have worked hard for everything we have. We were never ‘given’ anything. I have been denied grants and scholarships for a higher education because of my skin color. I have been hired for a job because of my skin color. I have been denied a job that I was better qualified for because of my skin color. The job I was denied would have led to a great education and career. The job I was given was a minimum wage job with no chance for advancement. I did not have a temper tantrum because society did not ‘give’ me anything. Life is NOT fair. It never has been nor will it ever be.

If you want to spout bumper sticker slogans at me claiming I have benefited from so called white privelage, you prove your ignorance and prove your head is full of kangaroo dung. Stop spouting bumper sticker slogans and stop believing the pap that your socialist professors have been feeding you. Someone paid alot of money for you to get an education and that person or persons deserves a refund because you have been fed chocolate covered crap and you want more. There is nothing for free. Even freedom costs, and many people are tired of paying for your stupidity. Grow up and pay your way in life.

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