Many have said that people of World War II were the greatest generation. Many young men lied about their age to join the armed forces. 16, and 17 year old young men were lying so that they could join the military. Many young men were involved in ‘Operation Overlord” which was the invasion of Normandy.  10,000 casualties and well over 4400 men killed that day. There were 16 thru 24 year old men storming the beaches facing almost certain death. John Wayne said that “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway”. The men and women of that generation definitely had courage.

In contrast, since the election of last week, we have seen children being lead out of their classes to march in protest. College students protesting calling president elect Donald Trump every epithet known to a drunken sailor. These young childish heads full of kangaroo dung have actually demanded psychological counseling. Many schools have designated times for these crybaby pissy pants to get said counseling. YouTube is full of many people, that I call socialists, demanding Trump be impeached and Hillary Clinton be put in as president elect. The same person that cheated, lied and some say murdered to become very wealthy and powerful. We have a generation that are wusses, effeminate men swimming in a sea of estrogen that can not stop suckling the teat of government. People that ‘want’ but do not feel the need to ‘earn’. Last year, near Christmas, I wrote about a lesson in ‘A Christmas Carol.

The ghost of Christmas present warned Scrooge of the two ‘children’ under his cloak. These two were named ‘Want’ and ‘Ignorance’.  The spirit warned that both were wretched and vile, but be mostly afraid of the boy names ‘Ignorance’ as it is written on his brow ‘Doom’ . We have a generation of people that are ignorant even though they may be educated. Ignorance breeds doom and destruction for all of mankind.

Our generation is full of children named ‘Want’ and ‘Ignorance’. The generation of World War II would be so ashamed of this generation. The propagandist have taken control of our schools as well as the newspapers and all I can say is ‘the teeter totter is almost past the tipping point”. If this nation is to survive as envisioned by or forefathers, then we, as a nation, must get back to being self reliant. Earning what you have and not taking what is not yours. Doing without if you can not afford it. Canning like our grand parents and parents used to do. Making what we have last longer. Fixing what we have. Helping our neighbors because it is the right thing to do. Teaching self reliance to the current generation of students and keeping political opinions out of our classes and getting back to teaching reading, writing, arithmetic and true American history, including the Constitution of the United States of America.  If we do not stop the current path of our children, then America will fail. We will have turned our backs on the very principles that has made this country great, at least at one time. The very country that brought forth so much innovation and technology will be placed on the ash heap of history as a failed experiment on individual freedom.

Contrast the youth of 1944 to the youth of 2016 and you can see that this country has been lead down the wrong path. I am sure that those facing certain death on the beaches of Normandy had dreams, wants and wishes of their own but they sacrificed for the greater good. I am sure that the same aged youth of today would not be so willing to sacrifice their cell phones, Nintendo’s, Play Stations and computers let alone join the armed services for a greater good. No, the greatest generation has got to be those that sacrificed their comfort, their safety and their lives for the greater good.

To those that are upset that Hillary Clinton did not win, you are delusional and one of the problem. I want to slap you and tell you to get over it. You do not get to have your way all the time. You had your way the last eight years and it has almost destroyed this nation. We were given one last chance. Don’t waste it crying that you don’t get free stuff paid for by the rest of us. Don’t waste my time by marching in the streets demanding that I listen to you. It is time for you to enter the real world, and the real world will do more than slap you in the face. Reality is not fair. Get up, change your diaper and work for what you want. I can’t afford your stupidity anymore.


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