I like Peter Falk. He is a good actor. He played Columbo like no one else could. One of my dads favorite movies with Peter Falk is the In-Laws with Alan Arkin. Gut busting funny movie as Peter Falks character takes Alan Arkins character through progressively crazy situations. In one part, they had just landed at an airstrip to meet a crooked politician and inept snipers start shooting. I can’t do the scene justice, but if you get a chance to watch it, remember to ‘serpentine’.

They were in a South American country which was a Banana Republic. Now, the definition of a Banana Republic is somewhat derogatory refering usually a South American country ruled by an unstable government consisting of a small oligarcy and dictator and the majority of its citizens are powerless against it because of the corrupt nature of its politicians and military.

Sound familiar? Today, America learned that Hillary Clinton, who did in fact break no less than 8 laws concerning Top Secret information numerous times will not be indited for her crimes. The FBI did admit that she had a private email server which Hillary used to recieve confidential and Top Secret national security data and relay or send the same information. She also knowingly destroyed, or attemped to destroy evidence of her crimes. Now, just one single violation is punishable by no less that 10 years in a federal prison. Just ask Henry Otto Spade, a former Naval radio operator who was convicted in 1988 for possessing Top Secret information or David Flemming, a former photographer for the Navy who was found with Top Secret information. Seems he had very little room for developing his photos on a Navy submarine, so he thought he could develope them at home and take them back to work. He, too was convicted. So why not Hillary?

In politics and business, there is a saying that goes ‘It is not who you know, it is who you blow’. Crude I know and I do appologize for it but it does start to explane why Hillary was never going to be indited for those crimes. She is part of a secret shadow government. The political elite so to speak. If you research it a little further, you will read that when Bill Clinton first became president, Hillary had files, Top Secret files of key political leaders. These files were found in the possession of Hillary for over six months. Ever hear of a copier? Ever hear of a document scanner? What secrets did she uncover? What information did she dig up on key political figures? We will never know. What information was really discussed in that 30 minutes of privacy on Bill Clintons plane on the tarmac just a week ago with Loretta Lynch? There is an appearance of impropriety. Did you really think they were talking about grandchildren in the privacy of his plane?

The fact that Hillary has not and will not be indited of charges that the FBI knowingly admit she is guilty of prove that the American jurisprudence system is rigged much like that of a Banana republic. But who is the dictator and who are the secret few that are above the law? We know that Barrack Hussein Obama is not above sidestepping the law, and now we see that the upper echelon of the FBI is failing to perform their sworn duty of enforcing the law, a sad commentary because alot of good men and women in the FBI know the truth and would support an inditement.

My grandmother had a saying, ‘a new broom sweeps cleanly’. It is time to replace every member of Congress and every unelected leader of law enforcement with new people. I heard it said before that I trust 100 random people from the phone book than our current crop of liars, er lawyers in Congress.

We have two very bad choices come this November, a lying old communist hag that really belongs behing bars or a bumbling egotistical businessman that plays monopoly for real. It is time to pinch your nose and vote for Trump because Hillary will be another four years of the same bull schtick Obama has given us. And this movie wont have a happy ending like The In-Laws, because there will be nothing to laugh at.


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