Remember the musical from Gilbert and Sullivan called ‘The Pirates of Penzance’? There is the very famous Major General song :(

In the song, we hear the Major General refer to himself as the very model of a modern Major General. The tune is quite catchy and kind of funny. It, the song, describes a very efficient British officer. (yes, I know it is a musical play) But right now I am experiencing the exact opposite of ‘the model of effeciency’.

Pack a picknic lunch and make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Bring a book and prepare to be … waiting. Prepare to be … bored. Prepare for the most uncomfortable chairs available. Yup, you guessed it, the DMV. It should be renamed DMVF for ‘Don’t Move Very Fast’.

I had an occasion to visit the DMV where I live. It was the very model of inefficiency. It was the standard issue government office where the pens don’t work yet are chained to the desk. The workers are all powerful yet work on old antiquated computer screens and the vision test is taken on a machine that doesn’t work very well. The enthusiasm of the standard issue civil servant was… absent. I think you must first prove a lack of personality to become hired or the job literally sucks the personality from you. And they are all powerful because they control whether or not you can drive. Well now, the news just reported that services at the DMV are increasing. Drivers licences are increasing about 10%. A copy of your driving record is increasing from $2.55 to $10.00. All other DMV services are likewise increasing anywhere from 10% to 400%. The cost of a bloated government increases. While the rest of us have to cut back due to less income, the government never does, NEVER.

If you ever saw the movie or read the book ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, you saw the standard issue civil servant in the Vogons. (Or read the description of them). Imagine, every civil servant worker a Vogon and you have the DMV, or almost any beaurocracy.

Now that the extreme left has got their wish and we are all mandated to have health insurance regulated via the IRS, I see Vogons everywhere. Now, I am not saying there are no good people working as civil servants. Of course there are. But what I am referring to is that a government job takes away something from the person. They become Vogons during work hours. I saw the very nice lady at the DMV taking pictures for the drivers licences. But that is all she did. There was no variety, she just said her little shpeel then said ‘look here’ then pressed a button to take the picture. For eight hours a day, five days a week. Day in and day out. The gentleman that administered the driving test takes the same route thru the residential neigborhood behind the DMV office. And right on down the line, everybody has a routine and it seems that they don’t like that routine interupted.

Have you ever watched Mr. Bean? ( Here we see british comedians poke fun at the british government healthcare system. Now remember, it is funny because it is true. And some people think it is a good idea to governmentize our healthcare system, not realizing that there is an inherent built in waste when government controls and runs anything. Government does not run, never has run and never will run efficiently. If you take an efficient and effective company and suddenly the government takes over, it almost immediately becomes ineffective and inefficient. Take a good close look at the TRUE cost of a beaurocracy.

Watch this. ( Here, we see a congressman ask a very telling question. It proves to me how uneducated this congressman is. A few sandwiches short of a picnic basket, this government paid politician actually believes that an island is like a lilly pad showing how uneducated he really is. He is not an anomaly, but a sign of how disconnected our government leaders are. How can our government run efficiently with people that belive that an island can actually flip and drown all inhabitants? How can or government run efficiently when its leaders have never read nor understand the founding documents of this country? And people actually think healthcare will actually run more efficiently and effectively when government controls it, then you must think that an island like guam will flip over. Maybe your radio is on but the antenna is broke. Maybe you are a few fries short of a happy meal. Maybe your wheel is still turning but your hamster is dead.

One thought on “The very model of ineffeciency

  1. As I eat on my peanut butter pretzels I have to chuckle, broken antenna? Few frays short of a happy meal? Cute, funny, yet correct.
    You never indicated if you got your renewal or not, but the story line seems to run the same in every DMV office in the land.
    God forbid you should ask for a smile. Those behind the counter have been sucking. Kosher dill pickles for a week and are unable to smile. Now as for doing their job? My pop had 1eye, was 85 years old and went to renew his license. As a defensive driving g instructor he scared the crap out of me, yet he came home bragging he got it. Oh gees, did they give you the test? Yes. Test your eyesight? Yes. By anychance did you test behind the wheel? Well, no. I had enough experience! Really? No test? 85 yrs.old and no test?
    I HATE going there, long lines, crabby people, raised fees, and that isn’t enough you have to take a number and wait, and wait, and wait some more for the number to be called. The only good part, I’m spared returning for 8 years.


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