You have all heard it. “Put on clean underwear because you never know…”. I think all parents say that. It only makes sense, does’t it? I have a pile of clothes, actually two. One pile is ‘really needs washing’ the other passes the smell test, but my underwear always makes it in the ‘really needs washing’ pile and never in the passes the smell test pile. eww!

In my state, we have the ‘click it or ticket’ rule. You have to wear a seatbelt or the police will give you a ticket. It is only right that people be forced to wear a seatbelt. If they don’t, they risk serious injury or even death. How many needless deaths can be prevented just by telling people to wear a seatbelt? If they don’t comply, the government forces modified behavior by impossing a large fine, revocation of your driving privelages or even imprisonment. If an officer of the law even suspects you not wearing a seatbelt, he can pull you over for just that alone, and you know that once a law enforcement officer pulls you over, he can find many violations…(or make them up if he/she is inclined). now as for myself, i don’t drive without a seatbelt on. It makes me feel more in control of my car. I don’t have to worry about my body shifting and suddenly unable to reach the brake or accelerator. But that is my choice. That is a decision that I made to be in better control of my vehicle and to be safer. I did not nor do I need government telling me to drive in such a manner. And I do not agree with giving government that much control over my driving.

Just like smoking, I don’t smoke. I have seen the long term effects of smoking on people close to me and I made the decision not to, but I don’t stop those that do. It is a personal choice. I hate to see the ‘smoking police’ controlling when and where a private citizen can or cannot smoke. I can see in a public restaurant, but shouldn’t that be up to the restaurant owner? Why can’t there be a private restaurant where people choose to smoke? Put up a warning sign telling people that this is a smoking establishment and if you come inside, expect smoke and don’t complain like a spoiled little commie bast***. Some people are switching from real cigarrettes to electronic cigarrettes. This way the consumer controls how much nicotine if any is in the ‘e-juice’. But because the e-cigarrette is not tobacco, the government just decided to control e cigs anyway. ‘For your protection, of course’. (bs)

I myself like to enjoy a Snickers cany bar. Sometimes I enjoy a Slurpee or a Cola drink, but here comes big government telling me that is bad for me. How soon before the Snickers police come and say the smell of my Snickers offends someone or that I need a ration card (look it up. In WWII, people had government ration cards to ration everything from gasoline, meat, bread and yes, cigarettes) for my 32oz Cherry Cola Slurpee?

Some communities are even banning the back yard garden. Why would government want to discourage someone from having a garden of there own? Shouldn’t that be a personal choice? A fresh tomato has better flavor than those in the store. It should be a personal choice to have a personal garden and if government, whether it be federal, state or local, takes that choice away from you on your own property, that is a freedom taken away.

We are a nation of laws. But have you noticed that with every new batch of politicians, they all have to add their own spin to a law or pass a law that they draft to feel that they have done something? At what point do we as citizens say enough is enough? We don’t want or need government telling us we can’t have anything bigger than a 16oz Slurpie. We don’t want or need government telling us whether we can or cannot have a garden. We don’t want or need government taking even more of or choices/freedoms away. If we don’t wake up and get involved, we will find an underwear police. Government will tell us that for our own good and the health and personal hygene we are now mandated to wear fresh underwear and that if the underwear police suspect that you aren’t wearing clean underwear, they have the right to pull you over and check. Now who wants that job? Who would want that kind of invasion of privacy? Think about it, how close are we to that right now? Or would that be the catalyst to get you finally involved?  Boxers or briefs or depends?Lacey, racey or granny underpants? Or is it nobodies business but your own?

One thought on “Underwear police

  1. Well you may have a point there. I would say so many in positions of authority follow the rule of Frank Sinatra. That is to “Do It My Way.”


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