I think I get it now. The answer was right in front of me, but, like any puzzle, you need to see the picture before you can put all the small puzzle pieces together. I have seen the picture and now I see how all the little pieces fit. The picture explains almost everything from eliminating trophies for coming in First place or why the push for boys to use the girls bathroom (and vice versa). It explains why our children are indoctrinated in school, why government gets bigger every year, why the need to eliminate the Bill of Rights and why certain people try to nulify the Constitution of the United States of America. It explains the attacks on our law enforcement officers and the ever increasing regulations to choke the small businesses out of existance. Why the attacks on bakeries and frozen custard shops, photographers and fast food places. It explains why the LGBT crowd is never happy and the protection of Abortion Clinics and selling of baby parts. It can even explain the selling out of American values and the push for open boarders and the protection of ILLEGAL immigrants. I understand now why the President hates Isreal and secretly loves radical islam and why the viscious attacks on the incorrectly names Rebel flag. And most importantly why Christians are being targeted by the government and seemingly all directions. It all boils down to right and wrong.

Thats right, er, correct. You read that correctly. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, Good vs Evil. If there is no right, there can be no wrong. If there is no good, there can be no evil. Evil does not like the light of truth shown on them. Like Dorian Grey, it is far easier to go on about life as if you were not wrong, that if there is no boundries, you cant get into trouble if you go past them.

So lets look at a few things. It is natural for a man and woman to seek each other and to make a life together. Mankind is hard wired that way. There are deveations in behavior, but they are few.

Men and woman are different but the same, same but different. Both have a head, arms legs, a heart etc, but the genetalia are made different. Like a nut and bolt fit together, so do men and woman. Men have sexual organs to fit a woman for the purposes of procreating. Look at that word Pro – Create. To create offspring. It is natural. Look at nature, lions and tigers and bears, oh my. You will not see two male bears snuggling up in a cave to make baby bears. It is not normal. In mankind, two members of the same sex can not snuggle together, can not kanoodle, can not copulate to make little humans. It is not natural. There are deviations in behavior, but they are few.

The recent push for men to use the girls bathroom and vice versa, is abnormal. Your DNA sets your gender. As I have said before, no matter how many surgeries you get to look different, you are living a lie because your DNA is set from conception. There is no such thing as a girl trapped in a male body or a man trapped in a female body. God does not make mistakes, only humans do. There are deviations in behavior, but they are few.

Children are now indoctrinated in schools to be tolerant of others behavior. That you can not own anything and you HAVE to share or you are wrong. That just participating is worthy of acolades and praise, that there is no good or bad, just different. You can not wear a flag shirt because it might offend someone and that speaking english is being disrespectful of those that can not speak english. That if your mom or dad spanks you, they are wrong, not you.

If you own a house and want to rent it, you can not discriminate against those that might not be able to afford to live there. That the owner can not decide who he wants to live in his house. That a store owner can no longer ‘reserve the right to refuse service’ based on behavior, that the store owner has no right to determine who his/her clientel will be.

Abortion on demand is a right of every woman and the people that run ‘Family Planning’ have a right to break the law and sell baby body parts. Who are we to tell them what is right or wrong?

The Constitution of the United States of America sets up rules to govern the Government, not the citizen. The government wants to grow and tell people how to live their lives so those rules must be distorted, the meaning changed, the focus turned 180* so that the government can control the citizen. Government is like a cancer and grows exponentially and must feed off of healthy tissue to survive thereby choking and killing healthy tissue.

The picture I saw was ANARCHY. No rules. People that were deviations from the normal that does not like to look at itself in the mirror of normalcy. They inherently know that their behavior is not natural. But they don’t like to be called un-natural. They don’t want to be judged. They want tolerance from the normal society but are intolerant of normalcy. They are abnormal and have a natural hatred of those that point it out. So they distort the law, they distort society, they distort or children until it is too late and they are in control. Anarchy does not like law. Anarchy does not like good, right, correct, or rules. Anarchy is a cancer that has grown too big and must destroy healthy tissue to survive just like big government. Big government encourages anarchy because at some point, when anarchy has destroyed society and society is not strong enought to fight back, society will beg big government to do something and that is when it will be too late for everybody. At that point, our laws are only as good as the men and women that charish them and enforce them.

Christians have a set of rules that define right and wrong. God gave us these rules throught the Bible. Isreal too has these base set of what is right and wrong. The ten commandments are just a small set of these rules but forms the basis for how we are to treat one another. These rules were given to men from God himself thousands of years ago. Any society that turns its back of these simple rules have fallen into decay. That is why Christians and the Jews must be discredited, because they know and cherish these God given laws. The deviants cant stand to be told they are deviants, so they set out to destroy the rules and those that know them.

It is time for the silent majority to stand up for what is right, or there will be no right, only wrong. I get it know. Do you?

One thought on “I get it now!

  1. I agree with you. It seems as though all of the teachings of my generation are now on the wrong side. Dr Spock did a good job of messing up minds of young parents, only to declare before he duded he was wrong. So how many generations of children were raised going against what generations believed to be good and right. Respecting your elders, has become ignoring them. Well there is a whole book full of wrongs and none of them name a right.
    As far as bathroom use, years ago they had Unisex bathrooms. Either one could use it.. A one stall toilet, so instead of this big hullabalu just make available a one sweater for whoever.
    This nation has walked away from God, and the silent majority stayed silent for too long, and now we are in a mess. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.


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