I remember watching the video of Rodney King being beaten by Los Angeles police officers. I felt the anger build up and discust of the Los Angeles police Department. I also remember wanting to see what lead up to the beating. The video convieniently left out the build up. After all, you are not going to video an entire police encounter. Something made the photographer alerted enough to grab the camera and start filming.

I lived in California at the time. The riots made Fergusson Missouri look like a simple argument. Businesses burned down. Cars turned over and lite on fire. The people were riled up into a frenzy. Stores were looted and store owners perched atop their businesses with guns to protect from looting and fire. There were large numbers of people that allowed themselves to be controlled by ‘mob mentality’. These people, who whould not perform acts of violence by themselves were capable of ugly acts of extreme violence when in a group. They became blind to truth and could not be reasoned with.

Just like the Jews that were controlled by ‘mob mentality’ when they chose to free the murderer ‘Barabbas’ instead of an innocent man named ‘Jesus of Nazareth’. The people, mentioned in all four gospels, were likewise riled into a frenzy and chose to have Barabbas instead of Jesus freed by Pontious Pilot in a customary pardon. Pontious Pilot even said he could find no reason to punish Jesus, and he hoped to have the people choose Jesus to be freed. But the crowd was blinded from the truth by the ‘mob mentality’ and the rest is recorded in all four of the gospels in the Holy Bible.

Now, America is riled up into a frenzy and no amount of reason can desway the majority which is blinded by the same ‘mob mentality’. Ted Cruz has chosen to drop out of the Republican nominee process. A true conservative has been crushed by Donald Trump, or rather a frenzy of anger aimed at the Republican party. I understand and share in that anger but I am not blinded by the ‘mob mentality’ of the vast Trumpsters who blindly support a businessman who up until recently was a registered Democrat from the state of New York. Donald Trump has spent his whole life playing Monopoly for real. In this game, players lie, cheat, steal, stomp on opponents yet make alliances with enemies to grow empires, er, businesses. Do these people really think Donald Trump can force companies like Carrier Air to stay in America?, build a fence and make Mexico pay for it?, stop illegal immigration?, beat the communist Hillary Clinton?

Mob mentality can take normal people and change them into killers, muggers, or arsenists. It is pack mentality, much like wolves. These temporarily blinded people are riled into a frenzy to act in a way contrary to their good. This anger, which is well deserved towards the Republican leadership, is misguided in a man like Donald Trump. It is unreasonable to believe he will, if elected…IF ELECTED, will be conservative in his core. The Supreme court nominee hangs in the balance which means America and the Constitution of the United States of America hangs in the balance. Like the crowd of Jews that chose Barabbas over Christ, these Trumpsters are blinded from the truth. *I in no way compare Ted Cruz to Jesus Christ, only the blinding of truth from the crowd or ‘mob mentality’.

What are your observations?

2 thoughts on “Can’t we all just get along?

  1. I believe that we remember the incident differently. It wasn’t the police that beat up Rodney King but it was the rioters that beat him up at least that’s how I remember it.


  2. Okay thinker tinker I owe you an apology and I stand corrected. I guess I was thinking of somebody else but I remember the riots that the truck driver got beat by the rioters. I thought his name was Rodney King. So please accept my humble humble apology.


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