You remember the line. “We have to send you back to the future”. The iconic movie of 1985, Dr. Emmet Brown made a time machine “out of a DeLorean?” The Flux capacitor allowed the occupant of the DeLorean to travel thru time, as long as you got up to 88 Miles per hour. It has been a dream of mankind to travel thru time, for a long time.

As you may have guessed, I love science fiction. Some science fiction tries to warn mankind of the evils if they do not change like “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. The original, not the piece of crap starring Keanu Reeves. Or “Logan’s Run” or the relatively forgotten “Soylent Green”. Yet others are made out of fear of the future like “1984” or “Equilibrium” or “Divergent”. Or what about my favorite “Twilight Zone” or Outer Limits” which brings attention to many of man’s fears and other ‘deadly sins’? But what, you might ask, do I mean by “timeless”. Some of those movies and TV episodes can be timeless.

I remember my parents exposing me to fine art by taking me to museums. I saw “Pinkie” and “Blue Boy” at the Huntington museum of fine art. . I saw beautiful works of art that transend time itself. One can be moved emotionally by gazing into the works of the masters. Some of the art I saw were hundreds of years old. Yet at another museum, I saw things that were thousands of years old.  But am I referring to art when I say “timeless?”

What about music? The Los Angeles Philharmonic visited my High School and opened up the beauty of classical music to me. Brahms, Tchaikovsky,Beethoven, Ravel or Bach certainly have composed timeless works of music. My iPod has many works of the masters on the memory chips. In a hundred years, I doubt anyone will be listening to Madonna or Lady Gaga. And very few remember the punk rock group “The Lizard Tongues”

Are you straining your brain trying to figure out what I mean by “Timeless”? After all, that term means different things to different people depending on the context.

God is timeless. The Bible teaches us that God has no beginning and will have no end. (John 1:1, he was there before the beginning). Our mortal bodies have a beginning and will have an end. (Romans 8:2, Jesus saves us from the law of Sin and Death). The Bible teaches us that our souls have a beginning but will have no end. We were created by God (Jeremiah 1:5, God formed us in the womb)

I liken it to God sitting in his Lazy Boy recliner watching “The History of the World” on a heavenly High Defenition large screen projector. He has seen the movie so many times, he has the script memorized. We still have free will, but he has seen what our choice will be. You see, we are linear creatures. Because we have a beginning and will have an end AND we lack the ability to travel back in time, once a moment has passed, it is in the past. But God has this great remote control that can reverse or fast forward. Slow motion or fast replay. 3D projection. (Imagine the angels eating popcorn watching you and you making the decisions that you make). But just because He has seen the movie of your life and knows how your life turns out does not mean you do not and did not have free will. But Timeless goes beyond that.

Mankind has a hole in his spirit that only God himself can fill. We may chose to fill that hole with things that are not so nice, but mankind feels empty and instinctively tries to fill that hole. Every since Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden of Eden and damaged the relationship they had with God, mankind has been trying to ‘fill the void’. The search for God is timeless. Every since Adam and Eve, mankind has written about Him and worshipped him. Mans search for meaning and the search for God is timeless. But timeless goes beyond that also.

Think about it. God has the ultimate control over time. A million years is but a second to Him, and a second is a million years. We are bound by time. Steven Hawking, the smartest idiot on earth, has spent a lifetime trying to understand what ‘Time’ is. He claims to have gazzed into the heart of the universe and could not see God so Mr. Hawking says that He, meaning God, does not exist, but how can you not see God thru his work while gazzing into the depth of the universe? It is natural for us linear beings, trapped by the passage of time, to think God is bound by time also.

But the moment our mortal bodies cease functioning and release our soul, we enter into Gods time. In 1 Thessalonians 4:13 thru 18, we learn that when the Lord comes, those that are ‘asleep in Christ’ will rise to meet him in the clouds. It is not that those that died before us have been waiting for a day, a week, a year or even a millenia, to them, they will have just died. Think of it this way. A man dies just before the ‘Coming of the Lord’. His parents died 10 years before that and his grandparents died 20 years before that. But in 1 Thessalonians we learn that we will all awaken and rise up to meet Christ in the clouds at the same time. To his parents and grand parents, no time will have passed. It will be as if they had just died. We will stop being linear and enter God time. That is what I mean by the term “Timeless”. Our souls break free from the chains of time as we join Christ in the clouds to be escorted to heaven.

That will be the ultimate ‘time trip’ in my opinion. Yes, God is “Timeless”. What does that term mean to you now? I know I have the ‘hope’ of Christ. If you also share in that hope, share it with others. I promise, by sharing it, the hope grows and does not diminish.

One thought on “Timeless

  1. I see you’ve done your homework and you’ve researched your scripture and you’ve done a good job. That is a good definition of the word timeless did you look and see what Webster defined it as it would be interesting to see. I’m not a fan of Science Fiction but this is a good piece over writting.


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