I remember in my college chemistry class, the instructor telling us on day one that we are going to be handling volitile chemicals and that we need to be careful and follow instructions. There was risk involved in taking the class but I was willing to take the risk for knowlege.

The instructor had spent many years in the private sector working with volitile chemicals and she, too, willingly took the risk. It turns out that one of the chemicals she worked with caused cancer. She died one night in her swimming pool of a heart attack.

Life has risks. You are not garanteed safety. I believe it was one of Americas founding fathers that coined the phrase ”He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” Another way of saying that is ‘Those that trade freedom for safety deserve neither’. I believe that life hold inherent risks and rewards.

I have been becoming more and more annoyed with these TV commercials from legal firms that promise money from major companies from class action lawsuits. You have heard them before…If you or a loved one has died from (insert physical ailment here) and took (insert drug here) then you might be eligable for financial compensation. All prescripion drugs have risks. There is no risk free pharmecutical drug. That is why your doctor and you discuss the side effects and risks and that you must agree to accept those risks in treating your ailment. But you take the risk because not taking your medication could be worse than taking your medication.

In my mid 20’s, I had an alergic reaction to penicillin. It is up to me to make sure that my healthcare provider knows that and I take an alternative drug. I do not think that I have the right to sue the manufacturer of penicillin or any drug because I have an adverse reaction to it. In biology we learn that all people, while our bodies are 95 % similar, that everyone has slightly different body chemistry. That is why there are drug trials to check how a drug will interact with differing body chemistry and potential side effects.

In America, the liars, er, lawyers have created a new religion and it is victimhood. The judges and lawyers are the priests and the clients are the parisheners and everyone must bow down to the idol of ‘lady justice’.

I was not raised to be a victim nor a pussy. When my doctor discusses medicine with me, I ask questions and make an informed choice. Life has risks. I am not garanteed safety and I am not willing to trade my freedom for safety. If you are willing, you are the problem and you truely deserve neither safety nor freedom.

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