I remember as a very young child, tying a string to a Hot Wheel and pulling it behind me. When my mother ask me what I was doing, I said ‘I am playing God’. Yet another time as a child, I wanted to hide from God, so I put a large cardboard box over me thinking that if I could hide from my parents, I could hide from God.

As I got older and learned more about God, I started to have a better understanding of who and what God is. Then, I remember before Christmas when I was in fourth grade, my mother lead me to Christ and I started my path as a christian. As I grew in Christ, I learned and understood more about who God is and how He wanted a personal relationship with me as not only savior and Lord, but friend. Yet through all this, I still have free will.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my grandfather was a close friend of mine. I liked spending time with this facsinating man. In his last days on earth, he was in great pain. One of the last times he was able to come to the dinner table, he prayed thanking the Almighty God for his life and everything he had. I found it odd that he is thanking God for his pain. But he was actually thanking God for his life, the good and bad. The last time I saw my grandpa, he was in too much pain to get out of bed. He had tubes coming out of him and you could tell that he was in pain by his continance. He looked up at me and said that life is worth fighting for. God is in control. He was teaching me up to his last moment that God was still in control of his life. That means that not only did God know how much pain he was in, but when my grandpa would die and go to heaven.

Forward a few years and we learn about a man named Dr. Kevorkian. This man was breaking the law by advising and creating a way for people to end their lives at their choice. I understand that people in great pain with a low quality of life think about suicide. I have one thing to say about that… you do not have the right to play God. One of the commandments teaches us ‘thou shalt not kill’. Actually, it would be more acurate to translate that as ‘thou shalt not commit murder’. The reason is explained. God said in Genesis that He made man (mankind) in His image. By murdering, you are taking away the life of someone God made in His image. No one has the right to take away the life that God gave us exept God himself. Even our founding fathers of this country understood this when they said that All men have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Since only God can give life, it is only God that has the right to end life. By commiting suicide, you are playing God. You are telling God that you know better than Him. Suicide is a form of murder.

Those that believe in God must reconcile in their heads that God is in control. Life is a gift and as my grandpa said, it is worth fighting for.

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