OK. I did my civic duty. I was elected as a delegate to my states republican convention. I went yesterday. I woke up at 3:30 am so I could leave at 4:00 am to get to the convention center that it was being held at by 7:00 am. I paid $10 to park and another $65 to have the honor of being my districts delegate. I was one of nearly 4000 elected delegates and there were nearly that many alternates. Add the media and staff and guests and you can see nearly 8000 people conviened into a convention center from 7:00 am until around 5:00 pm. I got home after 8:00 pm last night. We heard from candidates for senate, congress, state offices, delegates to Wisconsin that will represent our state and we even got to hear from presidential candidate Ted Cruz. I was maybe 60 feet from him and he said all the right things you would expect from someone wanting to become the most influential man in the world. Donald Trump and John Kasich neglected to show up. But what i realized is that the republican party has very little concern for its members. The seating is barely sufficient for an average person watching a sport event for a couple of hours, but for the average delegate, 8 to 10 hours in those seats and my body is achy today. But I saw people range in age from early 20’s to late 70’s and from fairly good health to people on oxygen to motorized wheelchairs to do their civic duty. Those conditions would stress anyone out.

People running for major offices got 15 minutes to speak, minor offices recieved less time. People wanting to be a delegate  to the presedential convention got 10 seconds. So, after the Pledge of Alegience, the singing of our National Anthem and yes, we had a pastor give a prayer, the rest of the time was spent listening to people state why they were running for a particular position in government.

Again, it shows that the republican party is stuck in the 50’s. Today, everyone uses a smart phone or has a mobile device of somekind. The facility did not have a hotspot available and actually had reduced cell coverage. I had 1 bar of 3g and many people had a similar experience. Each county was responsible for its own delegates and my county was one of many that was unprepared and unorganized. In many aspects, a band of horney chimpanzies could have acted more organized. Everybodies time is valuable and it is the responsibility of the party to show respect for everyones sacrifice by making it easier for us to justify our time. If the party was to have all candidates websites up and available for us to research and make wireless available for everyone that uses a mobile device, that would go along way in showing respect for our time. Also, since the venue was known months in advance, if each county arrived early enough to help direct people find the correct seating i.e. where delegates sit vs where alternates sit. help with special needs delegates i.e. those in wheelchairs or those on oxygen. How about an email to all delegates and alternates as to the cost of parking. At the very least, start on time.

My point is, thousands of people throught my state took time out of their lives to participate in choosing representatives, the least our party leaders could do is show respect for our time by not wasting it. By wasting our time and making it painful and potentially dangerous by choosing that venue, our party leadership is disrespecting us. Much like the main party leadership disrespects us by playing the back, smoke filled roomsto try to create a contended convention. Mitt Romney, and the republican leadership lost in 2012 not because Obama was a great leader but because enough republicans felt disenfranchised that over 4 million republican voters stayed home. The republican leadership all need to be fired and fresh new people put in their place. By playng these games, the leadership is being  shortsided and obtuse and will eventually give the election to Hillary Clinton in 2016. And that will be the beginning of the end for not only the republican party, but our country as well.


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