I still remember that club my dad kept at the front door. In California, if you use a gun to defend yourself you are automatically guilty. My dad had a club he made from a broken industrial broom and kept it at the front door. I remember using it to play stick ball in the street with the neighborhood kids. Then, the night I had to use it to protect myself.

One of the neighbors had a male and female pitbull. The neighbors weren’t mean but weren’t nice either. The female pitbull had a litter of puppies. I could imaging the little ball of energy each puppy would be. Shortly afterward, the neighborhood’s calm demeaner was upset by the sound of a nasty dog fight. The growling and yelping could be heard more than a block away. It turns out that the male pitbull got too close to the pups one night and the female attacked the male. The scene was ugly. The owners tried turning on the hose to break it up but could not stop it. In the end, the male dog was killed. That started the reputation of that dog. Some time later, those same neighbors were having a party out front. Loud music, beer, food, a little party for the family and friends. It did not bother me, but they let that pitbull to run loose in the front while they were out. I had the occasion to go out front for something, and the dog came at me, not in a friendly way, so I ran to go back inside. When I opened my front door, my dog bolted out to protect me and his territory. I grabbed the club to protect my dog. What made me mad was the people laughed at the situation until I took a swing at their dog. Had it been a baseball, it would have been at least a triple, but as you know a pitbulls head is solid. So, between my dog protecting me and me trying to protect my dog, the pitbull could not focus one one target. The people came running angrily toward me, I was in my front yard, and about this time my dad came out and those inebriated neighbors then focused on getting their dog back to their property, of course only after some exchange of heated words and empty threats by them. But this got me to thinking. That dog, for some unknown reason, charged at me and nothing was going to stop it but physical intervention. She did not even obey her masters commands, not that those people could control it anyway. Had it had its way, it would have killed me like it did its mate.

So now, our country in involved in a new type of war. One where the combatants do not care if they are killed. As a matter of fact, they want to die as long as they kill an infidel with them. They are religious zealots and their religion has political aspects to it. Islam is not only a religion, it is a political ideology. The combatants are taught at an early age that Alla will reward them with 72 virgins and life in paradise if they can kill non Islamic people. The Koran even says it is not a sin to lie to a non Muslim and that non-Muslims are less than second class citizens, even going as far as equating non-Muslims with pigs.

Liberals and even some Republicans want to fight them with ‘love’. They want to treat the radical elements of Islam as equals and give them …whatever they need to so they don’t think of us as enemies. But our political leaders are playing this war on terrorism with the wrong strategy. It is like trying to reason with that pitbull. Nothing was going to stop that pitbull from killing me. No amount of reasoning was going to detour that dog. It had only one thing on its mind and what saved me was physical force. Had the neighbors not got a leash on it when they did, I am afraid my dad would have had to kill it. That is what is needed now in this war on terrorism. It is the only thing the radical Muslim understands or respects. But with both political parties in America wanting pourous boarders and laxidasical laws to deal with them… when Hillary goes on TV and says that they are a peaceful religion and we have nothing to fear from them, when our President of the United States calls them the ‘JV team’ indicating his lack of understanding, we are enabling our enemy. Like letting that pitbull our in front to run around without a leash, it is irresponsible at the least and criminal at worst. Now, not all dogs are violent. Not all pitbulls are dangerous, but that dog had a history as does the radical Muslim. Not all Muslims are dangerous, but now, today, in this world of a war on terrorism, it is not the Christians cutting the heads off of Muslims, it is not Catholics strapping bombs to their chest to blow up innocent people, it is not Buddhists that are shooting up discos in Paris or train stations in Belgium. If we in America want to get serious about terrorism, we will need to define what it is to be an American, define who the enemy is and enable our military and police to fight them AND USE THE MEDIA. Otherwise, every little encroachment they make onto our freedoms is a win for them and yet another erosion of what it is to be an American. You can not reason with a charging pitbull. You need to hit it so hard, it stops them where they are. It is the only thing it understands. It is the only thing it respects.

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