There has been, as of late, alot of media coverage of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd. A politician, at his press coverage was boo’d when he corrected the Black Lives Matter crowd and said that all lives matter. I would like to study that statement and the conditions that brought about this movement.

Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were two young men with futures ahead of them. As with all of us, events in our lives cause us to make choices. Those choices will, in great part, dictate our future. In both of these young mens lives, life presented them a choice. In both cases, these young men chose poorly and their actions dictated there fate. Now, there are people that will take advantage of a tragedy to advance their own evil agenda as is the case here. Men, who call themselves ‘Men of God’ take the opportunity to keep hatred alive. Men like the Reverend Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and the closet muslim Reverend Jeremiah Wright, live in the hatred of the 60’s and want to keep this hatred alive. These leaders of hate used the unfortunate deaths of these men to advance their agenda of hate. Remember ‘Hands up, dont shoot’ which was a lie perpetrated by these pervayors of hate, these are the same people behind the Black Lives Matter crowd.

Of course black lives matter. Of course brown lives matter. And white and olive and yellow lives matter. ALL LIVES MATTER because mankind was fashioned after the image of God. To attack anyone saying All Lives Matter and instead insist Black Lives Matter, you are making Black lives more important than anyone else.

So, lets look at reality, since we all live here. Law enforcement are trained to asses a situation and prioritize life. Hostages or victims (people currently being threatened with death by criminals/terrorists) are priority one. Innocent Bystanders (people not being threatened, just in the area) are priority two. LEO’s are third THEN the life of the Criminals. Yes, the life of the criminal is important but because of their criminal behavior, their lives are lower on the priority list. Notice I emphasised their behavior as the reason for deprioritisation.

Civilians protecting their lives and property are given a little more leway because they are not a sworn law enforcement officer. They are: Family then Yourself then Innocent bystanders then the Criminals. Again, it is the actions and behavior of the criminal that places their lives lower on the prioritisation list. The criminal has chosen to place innocent lives at risk by their very actions. They risk forfeiture of their lives because of their actions.

It does not matter if a criminal is black or white or brown, and it does not matter the age of the criminal whether they are 50 or 25 or 13. It is their criminal behavior that dictates their fate. If someone breaks into my house, I do not know their intentions. I will have but a few short seconds to asses the situation and act. I will not have time to ask ‘excuse me Mr bad guy, but why did you break into my house? How old are you? What is your ethnic background? Is that a gun in your hand and if so, what do you intend to do with it? Do you know what you are doing is wrong?’

It is a tragedy that young men choose to commit crime. It is a tragedy that they feel it is easier to take what is not theirs. It is a tragedy that they feel it neccessary to risk their lives and the lives of others to commit a crime. And it is a tragedy if they kill or injure innocent people or if they are killed or injured themselves. Because ALL LIVES MATTER, and if you know and believe that, then you will be less likely to commit a crime in the first place. Remember, your fate in life is largely dictated by your choices that you make, not your ethnicity.

One thought on “All lives matter

  1. Well said Mr Thinker. Those two shot had committed a crime, which people seem to have forgotten. One threatened a store owner as he helped himself to whatever. And if you are going to strut waving a gun, someone is going to think you are a threat.
    There is one case that comes to mind that I do feel the man was a victim, the one in the police van with a severed spine. I do think more care could have been taken to examine his situation .
    Black, Brown, pink polkadots it doesn’t matter. God created us and when you get past the skin we all bleed red.


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