Have you ever watched the show ‘Mythbusters’? While I don’t agree with Adam or Jamie’s religious or political views, these two and their crew put a lot of research and practical physics into proving or disproving myths. There was one myth that they took on that was ‘can you polish a turd?’

Yes, you read that right. You have heard the term ‘polishing a turd’ before. Turd, crap, poop, excriment, recycled vegetable matter, manure, or as Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs would say ‘poo’. Now, for the genteel readers, I will just use the term poo, the least objectional term.

So, Jamie and Adam chose to prove or disprove the myth that you can polish poo. As memory has it, one chose poo from a carnivore and the other chose poo from an herbivore. And the two proceeded to research and then try and proceed to polish their chosen poo. They were in fact able to fashion the poo into a bell and polish it. If memory serves correctly, the carnivore did turn out to be more reflective than the herbivore. I think it was because of too much undigested grass and straw, but both Adam and Jamie did, in fact polish poo. Both used gloves and had masks but using a method to polish clay, they polished what came out of the south end of a northbound animal. They used calibrated equipment to measure which was more polished but in the end, no pun intended, they still were holding poo.

Now, the establishment Republican leadership is trying to force feed everyone Marco Rubio. This Senator has to my knowledge never ran anything. No company, no state, not even a lemonade stand. His record while in the Senate is very poor. He is absent more than he is present. If I were a boss, I would fire an employee with his kind of record. The establishment Republican leadership is so panicked that they would rather prop up and make look good Marco Rubio than actually do their jobs and support Ted Cruz, the conservative candidate. To me, it is like polishing a turd. His record while in the Senate is appalling. This is the guy that they want to have as the most powerful man in politics? I think he would actually be nothing more than a puppet who’s strings are being manipulated by the republicrates in leadership.

So, in the end, Marco Rubio may look good on the outside, he is still flawed and full of shhhh (you thought I would say it, hah?) But no matter how polished Marco Rubio is made by the establishment Republican leadership, you still in the end have nothing more than a polished turd.

One thought on “Eww, poo!

  1. Do I need boots? Come on dear sir, any good thoughts you want to share? I’m afraid the political poop will be flying into the fall.


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