Those of you that have read my blogs know that I am what I call myself a Conservative. The first election that I was old enough to participate in was the Presidential election in 1980 and I am proud to announce that I cast my ballot for Ronald Reagan. Lovingly called Renaldus Magnus, he was the governor for the state of California and before that, he ran the S.A.G. or Screen Actors Guild. The actor turned politician, while not perfect, understood freedom and the Constitution of the United States of America. He had a vision for the direction of this country and like Winston Churchill, surounded himself with people that would help him lead this country in that direction.

Here in the year of our Lord 2016, we are witness to the self distruction of our country and the Republican party. The Republican party leaders are republican in name only, RINO’s, and have become so corrupt, they can not see what they have become. Like Dorian Gray, whos evil was absorbed by his painting so he maintained an outward appearance of youth and beauty, so the Republican party leaders have become. The painting, that is hidden, is conservatism itself. Freedom is damaged incrimentally as the cancer that is Washington D.C. continues to twist the Constitution into a document that controls the people instead of government. So afraid of an incumbant nominee that is not from the establishment, they are willing to snatch defeat from the jaws of an apparent victory.

You know that I do not trust Donald Trump and instead prefer Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee for president. Neither person is liked by the Republican establishment so much, that they are willing to destroy both candidated for an establishment candidate in Marco Rubio. The Republican establishment have even gone to digging up the looser Mitt Romney to attack the two incumbant nominees and float a meme in that Hillary Clinton would be a better president than either of the two.

I never thought that the establishment Republican party would stoop so low as to suggest that a communist angry woman, wife of a womanizer, a criminal liar and an enabler would be a better candidate for president than an insurgent conservative candidate like Ted Cruz or a person the likes of Donald Trump.

I have heard associates and friends threaten to not vote if Donald Trump becomes the nominee. Like childish kindergarteners, they say I’d I don’t get my way, I will take my toys and leave’. It is that attitude that gave us an additional term of Berry’s Insane Oh bummer. There is too much at stake to be childish, and there are no more childish, selfish scared little minded men than those in possitions of leadership in the Republican party. Like Dorian Gray, they can’t see the painting that they have distorted with their evil ways. They still see themselves as the more intelligent upper class intelects that know better than Joe Sixpack, you know….the average hard working American. They would do well to see the truth. They do not see that they caused over 4 million conservatives to stay home in 2012 instead of vote for Mitt Romney giving us another four years of Obama and his ilk.

The American people are mad at the Republican leadership. The leadership has lied. They have rolled over like the dog that gives up. Allowing America’s first black president to run roughshod over the Constitution of the United States of America and become a despot with almost no opposition from the Republican party, after begging the American people for a majority Senate AND House of Representatives. We gave it to them yet they wasted the opportunity. They don’t not see that a vote for Donald Trump is a virtual middle finger to the Republican leadership. They wonder where this anger comes from, but it comes from the republicrats posing as conservatives. They don’t see the average American citizen is actually worse off after 7 years of socialism. What is worse, is it doesn’t seem to matter to them. They want power. My dad told me (no, he did not make it up) power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well, my grandma had a saying too. A new broom sweeps cleanly. It is time to fire everyone in the Republican leadership and replace them with REAL conservatives.

While I don’t want Donald Trump as president, he will be a better choice than Hillary Clinton. I prefer a real conservative in Ted Cruz, but I will vote for Donald Trump if he becomes the nominee because HE WILL BE A BETTER PRESIDENT THAN HILLARY CLINTON.

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