As many know, this is a heated political year. It is the year we as a nation will choose a replacement for President Barrack H. Obama as well as a replacement for one of the most conservative members of the Supreme Court, not to mention some Senators and all Congressional Representatives in the House. This will be a pivital election and I think alot of American citizens are feeling the necessity to change directions from the ‘Hope and Change’ & ‘…most extreme liberal’ President this country has ever elected.

There is a well deserved anger towards the National Republican party because they have betrayed the very people they promise to help. Look at who the last two nominees were for president in 2008 and 2012. Establishment party hacks who would have not been much better than the man raised in Indonesia by a muslim stepfather. McCain is an republican in name only, a.k.a a RINO republican, and Romney who drafted a healthcare plan which was used as a framework for the Affordible healthcare a.k.a ‘Obamacare’. Both weak republicans who were not close to being conservatives. Face it, We could vote for the communist or the communist lite candidate. And, in 2010 and 2014, we the people gave the republicans what they begged us for, a republican majority in the House of Representatives AND the Senate were they promised to repeal Obamacare or at least defund it. The ‘power of the purse’ lies squarely on the House of Representatives who were so afraid of being blamed for a government shut down that they gave away their power to the Marxist president and granted him a blank check making most of them liars. So it is not hard to understand why the three front runners for the rupublican nominee for president are Donald Trump, Ted Cruze and Marco Rubio. But I am afraid that the American people are falling for yet another snake oil carpet bagger.

Lets look at Donald Trump. It is easy to see the allure of Donald Trump. First off, he is a charismatic figure who is a successful billionaire. He is self funding his campaign which makes him beholden to no one person or special interest groups, you know…the ones who give a couple hundred thousand dollars to a candidate with a wink and a nod and an expectation for special considerations once that person gets nominated. He is bombastic and says what we all think and wish we could say ourselves and is saying all the right things…now. This man grew up in New York City. He was born with not a silver spoon in his mouth, but a golden spoon. He contributed to both party nominees in the past just to hedge his bets. He is friends with the likes of Hillary Clinton and George Soros. He claims to be a christian now, but is confused with simple things like explaining his denomination or the common knowledge of the bible, i.e. calling second Corinthians ‘two Corinthians’. He claims to have one of the few consealed weapons permit issued in the state of New York and ‘be for the second amendment’, yet just less than two years ago, be for stricter gun laws. And if you listen to some of his campaign speaches, he says ‘…believe me’ an awful lot. ‘We are going to make America great again, believe me’. Even I, a Ronald Reagan conservative started rooting for him. That is until I started actually listening to him and researching his positions just a few short years ago. I don’t see were Donald had an apiphany. Were is his ‘road to Damascus’ moment? At what point did he realize ‘hey, I was wrong and conservatism is the only way to save America’? At what point in his life did God himself blind him and tell him to stop persecuting Him and conservatives?

I remember seeing America blindly nominate the ‘Hope and Change’ charismatic speaker from Kenya, er Hawaii, er Indonesia…where is he really from? I am afraid that Donald Trump is a similar charasmatic, egotistical self centered speaker spouting an empty slogan and premising it with ‘trust me’.

Ted Cruze is, while not perfect, closer to Reagan like thinking with his priority on restoring America to following the Constitution of the United States of America. His parents are of Cuban descent who immigrated to America and worked hard. Ted not only says he believes in the bible, but lives it and he not only says he belives in the Second Amendment, but he has fought to preserve it. He is a Senator that has a verifiable voting record so we can see not only what he says, but what he does. I will trust the guy with a history that I can verify. And as a bonus, the established republican national committee hates him. Maybe that is a good thing.

Now Marco Rubio, on the other hand, also has a record we can see. He has been absent from his post more than he was present. And he permitted a crucial vote to allow the President a blank check for the rest of his ‘lame duck’ term increasing the national debt. Not to mention he has a terrible record of allowing illegal immigration. And he is an establishment candidate by the republican national committee. Can we really trust the republicans in charge to start doint the right thing?

It is clear to me that the only canditate that can give America the fighting chance we need is Ted Cruze. While I would love to hear Donald Trump utter those all too famous words ‘you’re fired’ to Barrack Hussein Obama, I would rather this country get its perverbial head out of Karl Marx’s ass and smell the crap that Obama has been shoveling for the past 7 years.

WAKE UP AMERICA! before it is too late

One thought on “White man speak with forked tongue

  1. Very interesting and well said. I find it interesting that the Republican party is so sure of the turnout for the primaries that a survey that they sent me this week had whoever gets the Republican nomination running against Hillary Clinton. And then at the end they wanted me to send up to $1,000 or more very interesting. I don’t and I never have voted party lines I look at the person who is running, and unfortunately I have yet in the very many past elections found a man or woman that would stand and before the people, and keep the platform promises that they made.
    I agree Donald Trump saying what many frustrated Americans are thinking but he didn’t get where he is without breaking promises and stepping on a lot of toes. He is arrogant he is rude.
    He has a temper and he’s used to getting his own way.
    One thing Donald Trump said about Ted Cruz is that no one likes him. That’s good then he won’t be in anyone’s pocket. And as far as his entitlement to run, my daughter was born in Germany, and could choose to be American or German when she turned 21. Ted Cruz is well over 21, and if qualified to be a Senator, why not President.
    As far as Rubio goes, he is first time serving in DC, and in watching him in the debates, and news clips he is like a little kid who wants his own way. He gets stuck on a thought and he can’t get away from it. It doesn’t bother me where the parents come from, but it does bother me where the child is going. I am NOT a prejudice person but to allow people into our country, without jobs 4 Americans already, we are the ones who end up having to support those that are here illegally. Their children get free College, my children get free college. We end up paying welfare so they can go to get free medical. We have to pay!
    So who will be the best representative for the American people? You are right, there is a lot at stake in this election.

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