OMG! America really is a nation of wussies. When I was growing up, there was a saying ‘Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me’. In college, I had a great psychology teacher and he taught that you choose your emotion and action/reaction when someone says something. Meaning, if you become enraged by the utterance of a word, you have relinquished control to that person. Words that today, the political correctness police want to bannish like; nigger, wet-back, cracker, W.O.P., spike, kike, camel jockey, rag head, gay, lesbo, fag, fat and others. If you become enraged or angry at those words, you have allowed the person that said it to control you. Think about it, you have become a slave to your emotion and relinquished control to another person. I have more respect to the person who is in control of their emotions, not that you don’t have emotions, but you are in control of them.
I heard a story of a man and his son playing nerf guns with a veteran. The son got a Nerf dart stuck on his forehead and wanted to quit playing. The veteran said ‘man up and put on your big boy pants because I am going to shoot you again’. The boy looked to his dad who said to his son ‘well?’. The boy then noticably changed and realized he could shoot his NERF dart gun back. That is when the fun started.
I want someone to say to America ‘Man up buttercup and put on your big boy pants’. We have a nation of people that have become too sensitive to their emotions. Like the flower children of the 1960’s, they are angry people who are never happy unless they are angry. Kind of an ‘oxy-moron’, isn’t it? They have to be angry and have a cause to be angry about in order to be happy. There was a scene in a 1980’s frat party movie with a bunch of lesbians marching in a circle chanting “hey hey, ho ho, this penis party has to go”. I wonder if that was art imitating life or life imitating art. Look at todays environment, people protesting the police shooting of a black man by a white police officer. Before the investigation starts, people were infiltrating a town in Missouri marching and chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” and destroying that once peaceful town. However, we find that after the police AND FBI AND independant investigation, Mr. Brown had, after performing a strong arm robbery decided to attack a police officer, officer Wilson. Mr. Brown was shot by officer Wilson, a tragidy that did not have to happen had Mr. Brown not thought he could steal property that was not his then start to beat a police officer without repricussion. The thugs then came out of the woodwork and from under the rocks to converge on the town of Ferguson and were happy being angry in a false narrative.
A student in todays America can not wear a T-shirt with an American flag on it but an illegal alien students can wear a T-shirt with the Mexican flag on it, all the while being a parisite on our society. A customer can’t buy a cake with the Confederate Battle Flag on it from a prominant chain store, but at that same store you can get a cake with an ISIS flag on it. You can not have a Holy Bible on school grounds because of a false seperation ‘from’ religion, but you are encouraged to read the Qu-ran in order to empathis with Muslims. By the way, Islam is a religion of intolerance to anything not Islam as well as a political ideology and a way of life. A Christian baker is forced out of business because he refused to bake a wedding cake for a pair of lesbians who could have gone to any of hundreds of bakers, but a gay baker can refuse to bake a cake for a Christian couple. It is alright to be unemployed, sit on your fat ass, watching your color TV, living in an air conditioned apartment and talking on your government issued cell phone all paid for by the people that drag their butts out of bed and goto work while being demonized for ‘making too much money’. Coptic Christians are being beheaded, burned alive, drowned and stoned to death while muslim terrorists are being imported into America by a president, that if not a muslim, is sympathetic to muslims yet hostile to Christians and Jews. THIS IS NOT MY AMERICA! This is a twisted view of a communist America as seen by a demented, sick son of a bitch who has embraced an ideology of hate and communism and surounded himself with like minded people that want to ‘fundamentally transform America’. Doesn’t that send a chill up your leg? Our country is being run by idiots, cowards, morons, degenerates and communist. The peace nick, flower power children, free love druggies of the 1960’s that avoided the draft are now in charge of this country and this is their view/version of America?
This country, as a whole, has chased God away. Much like the citizens of Sodom and Gommorah who not only practiced homosexuality, but allowed themselves to be succumbed to their human, animalistic desires with little or no regard to the consequences of such actions. The citizens of Sodom and Gommorah had likewise chased God from their hearts and had become so evil that God let them be destroyed. Can we expect better treatment from God after we chased him out of our schools, courts, businesses, holidays and worst yet, our hearts?
I say again, our country is a nation of wussies, cowards, celf-centered Power hungry, lazy soul-less, childish people. The greatest generation, that fought back communism, facsism and the evil of the 1940’s would not recognize their country. The frog is boiled, the swingset has fallen, the banks are empty and our hearts have gone cold. I fear for our future if it does not have GOD in it.

2 thoughts on “Sticks and stones

  1. Good point tinker. It seems as though in today’s society but the bad guys are the good guys, and the good guys are the bad guys. It seems as though if someone is waving a gun and they get shot then it’s not their fault did the other guys fault it’s the cops fault. This whole world has turned upside down and in backwards that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. In my book and that book would be the Bible it’s not okay wrong is wrong and right is right. God doesn’t make grey zones and it’s not okay to violate another person’s rights just so I can have fun or take something I can’t buy just because I don’t have the money. I never got an education because of the color of my skin or my ethnic background I couldn’t afford to go to college so I didn’t go. Now the government is providing college degees to cons in prison and we’re paying for it. It seems that those of us that are born here that are supposed to have the rights don’t not unless you have the money to afford them. Don’t get me wrong tinker, I’m not prejudiced but I do believe that those who have worked their whole lives been honest citizens, should be the first one to receive the benefits.


    1. I am sick to hear political leaders say “this isn’t America’ in response to resistance in allowing illegal immigration or ‘man made global warming’. America had no immigration at all from the 20’s until sometime in the 60’s. So for about 40 years we did not accept any immigrants. And global climate change is NOT settled science when it was proven that the initial research was falsified. I still remember the 1970’s science magazine cover entitled ‘the coming ice-age’. It is simple, George Orwell was predicting the future when he penned his book ‘1984’


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