Trump, upsetting the apple cart

Awhile ago, I posted that Donald Trump, billionaire and candidate for republican nominee for president, was someone I was not sure I could support. it is now several days before Christmas of 2015 and I have to say that, while I still have reservations about him, he is becoming more and more likable to me.
I turned 18 in time to vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980. This former actor and governor turned out to be one of the most effective men to occupy the Oval Office in modern times. I learned that during 1979, the Republican leadership did not like Reagan and tried to sabotage his candidacy. You see, the establishment Republicans saw Reagan as a conservative and not an establishment republican.
Forward 35 years and there are three people that are not establishment Republicans and that scares the Republican leadership. The RNC has in the last decade, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, meaning loosing when winning is almost a certainty. The RNC does not know how to be winners, and seem to be comfortable in being loosers. Look at who has been the RNC nominees in 2008 and 2012 even though in the off year elections, the American people gave a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives. It seems that Jeb Bush is the Republican party darling even though the American people have rejected him with Jeb retaining less that three percent in the polls. The RNC even hates Dr. Ben Carson as he too is an outsider. It seems to me that the RNC, which I used to be a contributing member, has become both blind and deaf to the very people they claim to represent. A big part of me would like Donald Trump win the nomination and the presidency just so I could hear him utter those all too famous words ‘you are fired’ to Barack Hussein Obama with the added bonus of watching the RNC fall over themselves and cry like a selfish child who had the candy stolen from them.
The third outsider running for the nomination is Ted Cruz whos parents came from Cuba. I like the idea of an outsider winning the nomination much like Ronald Reagan (Renaldus Magnus) did. I think America has had enough of the Bush family NWO politics and the Clinton lies and theft (Hillary is a member of the Trilateral Commision). America needs strong leadership to put a halt to the damage that the last few administrations have created. Why else would President Barrack Hussein Obama focus on the lie of man made warming and ignore the millions of rabid wild dogs waiting to be set loose in America that we know as radical islam and radical terrorism (the same thing)
I like the idea of a fence at the border, it worked for China. Trump has made the illegal alien influx a major speaking point. Without him bringing the idea to the forefront, it would still be ignored by everybody.
The more I hear Trump, even though he seems un-presidential, the more I think we need someone like Trump to upset the apple cart because the cancer that is Washington D.C. has infected both the democrats and republicans, and it is time to cut out that cancer for the health of the country

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