OK, I admit that I am tired of the false ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ crap. It has been over a year, and the facts are in. After numerous investigations including independent forensic investigation, the false belief that Michael Brown was an innocent young teenager is false. The situation is tragic. A young man is dead, a law enforcement officer will never work again in law enforcement and a community is forever damaged. Stores have been damaged by vandalism that occurred during the protest and there is no way of determining how negative the impact will have on the people and community of Ferguson Missouri.

Fact: Mr. Brown had just performed a ‘strong arm robbery’ of a convenience store in Ferguson Missouri. After forcibly stealing several packages of cigarillos, he was walking down the center of the road with a friend. When Darren Wilson, a law enforcement officer, that was responding to reports of a strong arm robbery noticed Mr. Brown and friend that matched the description of the reports, a scuffle occurred where Mr. Brown was attempting to take the side arm of officer Wilson away. Now we will never know what would happen once Mr. Brown had control of officer Wilson’s side arm, but all police officers are taught that you do not relinquish your side arm. As far as officer Wilson was concerned, Mr. Brown may have shot the officer or at the least, had been a danger to the general public.

Fact: Many leaders of the Black community rushed in to pronounce judgement against officer Wilson and the Ferguson Police Dept. They came up with the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ slogan and gesture trying to propagate the lie that Mr. Brown was trying to give up. The slogan and gesture was found to be a lie, but that did not stop the continued spread of the lie. The police department, grand jury, FBI and independent forensic detectives found that Mr. Brown was in fact attacking the officer and ignored the lawful order to get down on the ground. The officer Wilson told the truth and had acted appropriately. Again, these are facts on file and are irrefutable.

My point in all this is that those that continued to propagate the lie of ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ are nothing more that emotionally charged, brain dead morons that must be told by their leaders what to think and what to do.  I have a new slogan and gesture for them, it is ‘head down, don’t think’. That is a very appropriate slogan and gesture because if you think about it, those that will not or can not think for themselves are in that position, the position of subservience. ‘Head down, don’t think’ is exactly what is happening. You have to have your head up to see the truth and you must be brave enough to think for yourself. But instead of using their brain, they willfully accept the will of those that they blindly follow. Only when you raise your head can you see the lies that are being fed to you. But if you put your head down, you look and act like a subservient person, willfully filling your brain with the lies of the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. But I guess that is what they want, thoughtless followers willing to be their foot soldiers of lies.

Martin Luther King wanted equality. He dreamt of a nation where the color of your skin did not matter but only the content of your character. But that is not what we have, When we hear the term ‘Black lives matter’ it makes me cringe, because as a Christian, I am taught that ALL LIVES MATTER. When a person utters the term ‘Black Lives Matter’, you are saying that Black lives are more important than the Latino, Asian, Caucasian and middle eastern lives. Yes, black lives matter. Yes, my life matters. And my opinion matters also. If you have adopted the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ you are broadcasting that you believe that ‘Only Black Lives Matter’. And you have proven that you are a brain dead, emotionally charged moron. If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he would not approve of ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ or ‘Black lives Matter’ because of what the slogans imply.

If you are angered by my blog post, maybe you need to take a deep long look at yourself and your life. Maybe you are angry but do not know where to focus your anger because you can’t believe that you are wrong. Well my friend, unless you can walk on water and turn water into wine and cure diseases with just a touch, YOU ARE NOT PERFECT and you are the problem. So when I see you angrily chanting the lie ‘Black Lives Matter’ or ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’, I will be thinking, of you, ‘heads down, don’t think’, and I have no respect for those that blindly follow the rantings of the likes of Al Sharpton.

All lives matter, even yours, even mine. Don’t be delusional. Don’t be a blind follower of people that only see you as a brain dead foot soldier. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted and expected more from you, no matter the color of your skin.

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