I just finished watching the movie ‘Our man Flint’ with James Coburn. This 1966 movie was a spoof of the popular James Bond 007 movies. It is a Lampoon of the 1960’s style spy movies and James Coburn played the character to a ‘T’. In the movie, near the end, we see that the scientists had created a utopia where men did all the work to maintain the utopia and in return, they would be allowed to take a drug and spend time with a woman or many women. The women were psychologically reprogrammed to be ‘pleasure units’ for the men. Now, to be honest, as a red blooded American man, watching girls in bikinis in the movie was ‘pleasurable’ to say the least. But let us take a closer look at the movie and compare it to today.

Women today are ‘programmed’ via television to be free from the ideas of monogamy. Today, it is alright to have premarital sex and get pregnant because Planned Parenthood will just take care of any mistakes that happen to occur. Men are programmed via television and other government agencies that the government will take care of you from the cradle to the grave. That it is alright to take drugs, have premarital sex because the government will take care of any unwanted baby via an abortion.

You see, the hippies of the 60’s that were radicals and protested the government then are now in control of the government and do not want anyone to protest them.

My history teacher used to say that ‘those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it’. No, he did not make up the saying, he was just stating a fact that has been passed for generations. My teachers also taught us that there are no new ideas in the world today, only the technology changes. So with that in mind, look again at the movie. Men like to look at scantily clad or naked women. Mankind is naturally lazy and take the path of least resistance. Mankind in general wants someone else to take care of them and have no responsibility. And there are always a group of people thru out history that thinks that communism is a good idea, it is just that the right people have not implemented it yet. The original pilgrims (yes, read about what really happened and how they prospered and why. The first year everybody contributed equally and the proceeds were evenly split so it did not matter how hard you worked, you still got an equal share which is the basis of communism. That year, they almost starved. The second year, you got to keep what you labored for so the harder you worked, the more you got to keep which is the basis of capitalism).

The fall of the Russian government over a hundred years ago which led to the USSR and the Stalinist type of communism is another example. Nazi Germany and World War 2 is another style of government control of the people. History is full of examples of a government that got too big and eventually collapsed creating a dictatorial type government. Rome during the time of Christ is another easy example. You see, true freedom comes from the ‘freedom’ to make mistakes, learn from them and live your life the way you want as long as it does not interfere with the freedoms of others. But there will always be those that want to control his fellow man for the ultimate ego trip.

The movie is almost 50 years old, proving that ideas are not new, just the technology.

One thought on “Then and now

  1. Very interesting, sounds like a weird movie. But it brought about comparisons to then and now.
    Reminiscent to yesterdays. That reminds me of a similar thing crossing my mind. Nothing. Like communism, capitalism or any Sim at all. As I write this on my tablet, which is too hi tech for me, I was thinking about my car radio, which is set on Siri satellite, Oldies but Goodies radio.
    Why do I enjoy the oldies more than today’s music? Represents a happier time of life? Maybe! I can understand the words? Definitely! What is it that draws us to yesterday?
    Yours is old movies, mine is music. What ever it is, I believe it is because life today is so out of line with our Creator, as never before. Morals are down the toilet, respect is uncommon, and treating others as you wish to be treated is down. If you believe man can do better, look around you closely. I am a dinosaur, believing in God, the Bible and the original constitution of our country.

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