My father served this country in several branches of the armed services. He served four years active duty in the Army, then almost immediately after, he served four years active duty in the Navy, After an honorable discharge from the Navy, he did spend some time in the United States Coast Guard Reserve then finishing with a long time in the United States Navy Reserve. I remember him telling me stories when he was in the Navy, but he didn’t say much about the time he was in the Army. I asked him once what he did in the Navy and his response was “I changed light bulbs” which was his was of telling me he can’t talk about it. But I asked him what was the difference between the Army and the Navy. I mean, besides the obvious of course. He broke it down to a simple example. When he was in the Army, guys in his unit read comic books and played checker but when he was in the Navy, guys on his ship read books and played chess. I let it go as I has a simple understanding of the comparison, but as I got older, I understood the contrast better. Not that the guys in his unit while in the Army were dumb, they were not. And not that the guys on his ship were smarter, it was a contrast in how each utilized their spare time and entertained themselves. It would be like comparing locker room hijinx in junior high to college level atheletes. Since my father wanted me to be a thinking man, he taught me chess. I used to get so frustrated while learning to play chess, thinking it is easier to play checkers. But I stuck to it and after some time, learned the movement of the pieces in chess. Then, with some practice and instruction, I finally beat my dad in chess. He had to pay better attention now because he had done a fairly good job of teaching me. I can say in retrospect, that learning to play chess helped me to strategize, plan, think and be patient.

As I write this, there are countless guys that want to run republican nominee for president. There are a few, true conservatives but most are really republicans in name only or what is commonly refered to as a rino republican. One such person seeking the republican nominee is Donald Trump. Now, I have nothing against this guy, but i am not sure he would be a good president. I mean he is a multi billionaire , that’s with a b not an m. One thing I notice is how Donald Trump seems to ‘trump’ the republican politicians. The way I see it, Donald Trump is playing chess while the chumps up on stage seeking the nomination are playing checkers. I am not endorsing Donald Trump, but it is not hard to see how he is out classing the others including the press. The other nominee hopefuls look like chumps, but Donald Trump is making the press look like chimps. America is looking for a true leader, one that will do what he says and says what he means. Like Ronald Reagan,  Trump is an oasis in a desert full of liars, er, politicians. (Is there really any difference between a liar and a politician anymore?) Myself, I would rather Scott Walker or Ben Carson get the nomination before someone like Chris Christie or heaven forbid Jeb Bush. I think America has had enough of Bush family politics AND God please, no more Clinton politics. But these republican nominee hopefuls had better realize the competition and the needs of the people now, unlike Donald Trump that seems to have a handle on the situation. We want a genuine leader, one that will stand up to todays evil and do what is right for America and Americans. When the great Renaldus Magnus was running against the incompetent,  er incumbent Jimmy Carter, I remember a simple but effective ad on TV. It was a man meeting a bear on a hill and not backing down, but instead facing that bear with confidence. ( … At the time, the Soviet Union was our enemy and we were involved in a protracted cold war with them that could easily turn hot. We needed a leader that we could count on. A leader, not some idiot with peanuts for brains. I bet Jimmy Carter is glad that Barrack Hussein Obama is in the White House if for nothing else, making Carters administration look good. (Not that Jimmy Carter was good, but Barrack Hussein Obama is that much worse)

We see Donald Trump acting much like Ronald Reagan did in the 1980’s, but before we put much faith in ‘the Trump’, we had better get to know who he really is and where he truly stands on the issues that concern us. Not just what he says, but how he really feels. He has donated to the Democrat party. He, at one time, was for gun control. How does he really feel about people that believe in God, whether they are Christians or Jewish or Muslim since he does not believe in God? Not that being a believer is a requirement for the presidency, but how will his Administration treat those that do? If he does happen to out maneuver the children on stage, and we end up with Donald Trump as president, we might find it hard to utter those all too famous words ‘you’re fired’.


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