I am, for the first time in my adult life, ashamed of my country. I am ashamed of the number of ignorant people in this country and the hypocritical leaders that we have elected. The ignorance is like a stench from a gangrenous wound. And I am afraid that no amount of education can correct this cancer caused by the ignorance.

So, lets recap recent events and put them in perspective. A deranged, liberal man kills several people in a church and instead of focusing on the act, institutions and government agencies ban the Confederate flag because it is insulting to some people.  Walmart refused to decorate a cake because it would have had the Confederate flag on top but the same store decorated a cake with the ISIS battle flag decorated on it. Walmart, Apple and Google have an outright ban on anything with the Confederate flag on it and on iTunes, no album or game or application can depict the Confederate flag for any reason and yet these same institutions have apparently no problem with depicting the ISIS flag.

Now, I am not a southerner. I was not raised in the south. Yet I have had the benefit of a proper education. I learned the truth about the American Civil war. It was not about slavery but about states rights. You see, the federal government is restricted by the Constitution of the United States of America. It reads that anything not specifically regulated in it is a matter to be decided by the individual states. The federal government kept encroaching on the individual states taking away what was not the federal governments. The issue of slavery was just the ‘straw that broke the camels back’ so to speak. Now, nobody is denying that slavery is wrong. Whether it is enslaving people because of the color of their skin, to enslaving foreign girls to be sex slaves, to selling people for slave labor…it is wrong. But the Confederate flag represents was not slavery but states rights, individual freedom, honor and unity. Actually, what is being called the Confederate flag is incorrect as it is really known as the ‘The Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia’. The Confederate flag is similar to the American flag with a circle of thirteen stars and two red stripes and one white stripe. What everyone is incorrectly calling the Confederate flag with the blue x in a field of red with the thirteen stars is actually named ‘The Stainless Banner’. It was also used as the Confederate Navy’s ensign. It is more akin to the St. Andrews Cross of the British flag.

So, enough with the history lesson. The people that hate the flag obviously don’t care and never will. But to outright ban it because it make some people incensed is ludicrous. Why is it, that in America today, the opinion of a minority is more important than the opinion of the majority? Why is it OK for some people to be insulted by the ‘Confederate’ flag so we have to eliminate it but if others are insulted by the rainbow flag and what it represents, that is wrong and those people have to change? Why is the ISIS flag or the ISIS Battle flag allowed in America but the flag that represents southern pride and a southern lifestyle not allowed? ISIS is a terrorist organization that beheads Christians, homosexuals and treats women as at best, second class citizens but more like sex slaves and property. And to deny that there is going to be contention with the rainbow flag and what it represents proves how ignorant and deranged you are.

What was good is now bad, and what was bad is now good. Revelations warns us that in the end times, that will happen. Now, I do not know when the second coming of Jesus Christ will be, but I do know that everyday, we are one day closer to that time.

It was not that long ago when a charismatic leader of a country banned items. Books, art, history of that country and even relegated a people to a lower status and even resorted to outright genocide to rid his country of the people and things that he did not like or want.

I am afraid that the pendulum has swung too far to the left and is just about to collapse the entire structure. Imagine a swing set. The higher you swing, the more unstable the swing set is. If your parents did not anchor it down real good, the swing set could and would collapse. That is where we are today in America. With so much going wrong in the world today, some people want to focus on something as insignificant as the southern pride flag and ban it and the gay pride flag and flaunt it while our government is spending borrowed money faster than we in America can earn it. The current administration has spent more money than ALL of the previous 43 presidents combined, and you want to focus on banning a ‘redneck’ flag yet ignore that our country is no longer a major influence in the world because of socially and politically correct thoughts of a minority of people. It has been said before that those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it. No truer words were spoken.

2 thoughts on “Banning!?

  1. I know you don’t like AARP, but in my magazine. I saw a couple of atheist had complained about an article about seniors being comforted by prayer. What gets me is this, there is a story title, you are an atheist yet you go ahead and read the “offensive” article? Then who is to blame for your offense? Just saying!


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