It is time for a real, open discussion on the subject of homosexuality. With the subject permeating our society, it is time for all of us to speak our mind. A person I worked with called my position on homosexuality ‘enlightened’ but it is actually realistic.

Personally, it is not my business what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes. It is…private. It is not my business to pry or force my views on others. Just as I don’t want them to force their views on me. Duh!

As a Christian, Christ teaches us to ‘love the sinner but hate the sin’. (Actually, you will not find that passage in the bible because it is not there. But if you read Matt 6:14&15; Romans 12:9; Proverbs 6:16~19 and others you will see that Jesus loved us all but abhors sin.) So, as a follower of Christ, I am supposed to try to be more Christ like. Since we all sin, and God loves us all yet God abhors sin, I am likewise to abhor sin but love all. That is the essence of the statement. If you attack me for my religious views, then you are a Christophobe, I am not a homophobe. As I said above, it is not my business. I am just following the tenants of my religion which is Christianity. (Leviticus 18:22)

As an American, I believe government has no business regulating what others think or say. The government has no business regulating, condemning or condoning peoples personal business. I resent the government using tax money to punish a private baker who does not want to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple because it is against his religion. There are many bakers that will not have a problem with that. The baker does not have a monopoly on wedding cakes and the couple can go elsewhere to get a cake.Nor do I believe a photographer should not be forced to photograph a lesbian wedding if the photographer views it as a violation of her religious beliefs. I believe in the free enterprise system. Let free enterprise reward or punish the individual and his/her business. Government has no place in a persons business.

So, it is simple really. I do not need 1000 pages to relay my beliefs. And that is my first amendment right to believe that.

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