What is a man at the core? What is his base instinct? Could man love without God? What would society look like without God?

I am a science fiction geek. I liked Star Trek and Star Wars and I still try to find scifi movies on Netflix and Hulu and even some really old scifi on Youtube. I loved the Outer Limits as a child because in many of them, the real enemy was man and his greed, his lust for control over his fellow man or his propensity for distruction of what he fears. Even if you can see the zipper in the alien or if the styrofoam mask was not glues properly, the actors pulled you into the story.

In the Star Trek franchise, there is an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where Capt. Sisco and Chief Engineer O’Brian are ship wrecked on an uncharted planet only to find survivors of another ship wreck that have made a somewhat primative life for themselves. I had to look it up, but the episode is in season two episode 15 entitled ‘Paradise’. I remember the leader of the colony asking this question, ‘What are you at the core’?

Well, depending on your philosophy of life, the antogonist in this episode was Alexis who concocted the ship wreck and forced her ‘philosophy’ of ‘community’ on all the surviving members of the ship wreck. A socialist utopia where Alexis was godlike in that everyone willingly succumbed to her will. From her idea of punishment to her idea of work, she created a prison of sorts and was the warden. Like all good socialist, the end justifies the means and she had this ego that made it OK for her to have subjected everyone to her idea of utopia.

Alexis had become god by eliminating everyones ideas and subjecting everyone to her will. God gave mankind ‘free will’ so man would not be a roboton. This is the difference. Man, at his core, without God will turn to darkness. Greed, control over his fellow man, position in society, just look at the seven deadly sins… Proverbs 6:16~19 and Galatians 5:19~21

I will let the reader look these up and ponder them. The source of civility toward his fellow man comes from God. It is God that teaches us the ‘Golden Rule’, the ‘Ten Commandments’ and others. Our forfathers thought so highly of the biblical laws that Patrick Henry, one of our forefathers of this country stated ‘It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was not founded by religionist but by Christians… not on religions but on the gospelof Jesus Christ’.

James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and many of the other founders knew in their ‘core’ that if this country were to succeed, we would need to follow a set of laws that were given to us by God. They knew that the farther away we get from God, the more that man will replace Him with himself, and what a flawed piece of work are we?!

One thought on “God or god?

  1. As mankind continues to grow away from the Creator of all things, you are very correct in the shape we are going to become. Maybe that is why the scripture warns us to “be ye not conformed to this world”. And if we are going to “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven “, our core has to be seeking God for He is the core.


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