Last week, in Charleston, South Carolina, a senseless and brutal murder took place in a place where people come to be closer to God and pray. A man, whom I will not honor with his name, gunned down nine members of a South Carolina church in an attempt to increase racial tensions in our nation. These worshipers were dedicated in that they went to church on a Wed. night to worship and pray for others in the church, their communities and our nation. This is a tragedy and we should mourn for the families of our Christian brothers and sisters.

Before the bodies of the victims were cold, our President, once again following the Saul Alinsky playbook not allowing a serious crisis go to waste, went on the air to demonize the gun and those who are pro second amendment. At a time when most political leaders should try to bring our communities and country together, Barrack H. Obama is using the opportunity to continue his attacks on guns and gun owners. He made the statement that that … if you own a gun, you are part of the problem…

Only a tyrant speaks in such definitives. I would argue that with the fact that in communities that have the least restrictive gun laws, the crime rate is low and in communities with the most restrictive gun laws, hot crimes have skyrocketed. These are facts verified by the FBI crime statistics and can not be refuted. So another way to state the problem would go something like…

If you are anti-gun, you are the problem, If you are pro drug, you are the problem, If you are for the redistribution of a persons wealth, you are the problem, If you have read, agree with, and follow a book dedicated to satan, you are the problem, If you do everything to ‘fundamentally change’ America, then you are the problem, If you minimalize America’s allies and befriend America’s enemies, you are the problem, If you go on national television and demonize the majority of Americans just so you can promote anti American policies THEN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

I have had the benefit of a real education. The second amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America was written because America had just finished a protracted war with a tyrant where the only reason we became free was because we could fight back against tyranny. Back then, if you did not have a gun, you did not eat so it was not written to allow the citizens to be able to hunt. The founding fathers (original signers of the Constitution of the United States of America) knew that a free man could defend himself, his family and property. You could say that to be truly free, to enjoy our God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness you must be allowed to protect those rights and not rely on government BECAUSE THESE RIGHTS WERE GIVEN TO US BY GOD AND NOT MAN OR GOVERNMENT.

This incident in South Carolina is tragic. It is reprehensible. Innocent men and women lost their lives because of a deranged man. We need to pray for those people. We need to come together as a nation and say that this action is not acceptable. I do not care what color they were, they were people made in the image of God and Genesis 9:6 is my goto bible verse in situations like this. ‘Whosoever sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed’. The courts that try him should find him guilty and the death penalty should be enforced, by law. But to use this tragedy as a political device to justify more infringement on law abiding citizens and to call gun owning citizens as the problem is itself reprehensible and disgusting.

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