Remember the game Monopoly? You know where you race around the board trying to buy up as much property as you can, trying to get all the color lock of a property block then build as much as you can without landing on someone elses property and going broke. Now, games like these can be fun and challenging. The rules of the game are agreed to in the beginning and any alterations or modifications must be agreed to before the first roll of the dice. Nobody wants to play a game where the rules are changed in the middle benefiting one or two people and hurting the rest.
I played Checkers with a new friend recently, and lost for the first time in a long time. I always played with the rule ‘if you can capture you must capture’. My friend never played with that rule but we never agreed to the rules before playing. I would set up a trap that would give me an advantage, and he just past right by them. It turns out, we were playing the same game but with different rules. When I mentioned that he must ‘jump’, he said that he did not have to. Had I known before we started, I would have played differently. Again, you need to know the rules before you start.
Now, how does the game Monopoly compare with American politics? Rules, thats how. The Constitution of the United States of America is our rulebook. It clearly lays out how our government is supposed to work. That document clearly is the rulebook on how our federal government is to be set up. It defines how government is responsible to the people. Who has power and how far that power can go. Three co-equal branches of government are created, the executive (president), legislative (congress) and
judicial (courts, highest being the Supreme Court).
Now, the President can not make law. That is the job of the legislative branch which is composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate. But Barack Hussein Obama, affectionatly known as Berry Insane O’Bummer, has been making laws bypassing the legislative branch, which is illegal. But, those that are tasked with enforcing the Constitution of the United States of America have proven themselves too cowardly to perform their sworn duty. We in America have become complacent and deserve the government we allow to govern. I find it sad that some of those I work with and around do not know nor do they care about American politics. How many people have read or understand the Constitution of the United States of America? How many people understand that this document limits government and not the individual? If we citizens do not start paying more attention to the local, state and federal government and their relationship to the individual, we will find that they have a ‘monopoly’ of control over us.

The Thinking Tinker

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