In today’s politically correct society, what I am going to type now will be NOT politically correct. It may stir some emotion and anger. But once you have calmed down and thought about it, you will see I am correct. We, as a society, have become a slave to ‘political correctness’ and our emotions.
Allow me to explain. There are some words in the English language that invoke so much emotion, thought seems to disappear. Now, let me set this discussion up by first stating that if you get angry at the utterance of a word, you have allowed the person that spoke that word to control somewhat your emotions. You must first allow the word to make you angry, or sad, thereby relinquishing control of your emotions. Now, the person that spoke the word has the upper hand. Once that happens, you have most assuredly lost the argument.
Let us take the dreaded ‘N’ word. We dare not speak the actual word, but instead use a letter to indicate the word we want to portray. Speak that word to some people, and you may very well end up in the hospital or worse. In that instance, the person or persons have relinquished thought and replaced it with pure anger and hatred.
There have been many instances where two or more people are discussing politics, and when one side is clearly loosing the debate of ideas they invoke a war of words deliberately meant to distract the fact they are clearly loosing the debate. How many times have you heard when discussing that one does not like President Obama’s politics, and in the discussion the supporter of Obama’s politics is loosing will inevitably say something like ‘well you just do not like Obama because you are prejudice’, or ‘You just don’t like Obama because he is black’ or something of the sort simply to distract everybody. The audience will then be so distracted, they loose track of the discussion. Thought and reason have given way to emotion.
In these instances, we as a nation have become a slave to our emotions and have lost all reasoning. A man is caught and arrested and has two guns, the usual response is “He had an arsenal”. A man has an anti Obama bumper sticker on his vehicle and is involved in an accident or runs a red light and you hear “He is a right wing wacko”. A person does not believe in abortion and is labeled “intolerant”. Again, society has become a slave to emotion. The enemies of thoughtful discussion will use emotionally charged words to distract people and create a ‘fog’ of emotion.
Our law makers in Congress are quick to create laws in the midst of emotionally charged  situations. As much as you may not like it, the best thing to do BEFORE creating new laws is to step back, look at the facts and shelve emotions. We, as a nation, need to ‘think’ more and ‘react’ less.
America needs to stop making decisions based on emotion and start thinking. The next time you watch on T.V., hear on the radio or read in the news, watch out for those key emotionally charged words. Pay more attention to the ideas being portrayed, the long term effects of those ideas and who is trying to quash those ideas. Do not be so quick to judge and instead, take a moment to think. When you start ‘thinking’ for yourself, you start to break those chains of emotional bondage.

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