Several years ago, my friend and I got into a friendly argument. You see, he is liberal and I am conservative. We each take turns at trying to get the other to ‘see the error of their ways’.

   He was at my house this day, and he had the look on his face that one gets when they think they have the ultimate idea. He grabbed an apple pie my wife and I had just baked, and as he held it in his hands he said “Wouldn’t you rather a liberal piece of this pie instead of a conservative piece?” He thought he had me and he was quiet for a moment waiting for my reply.

   After a moment to think, I replied to him this…”Here is your problem as a liberal. This is my pie. I didn’t buy it, it was baked here in my kitchen. It was made with apples that I grew on my tree in the backyard. I watered the tree. I pruned the tree. I harvested the apples. I cut the apples. I paid for the sugar and the flour and the cinnamon to make this pie. It was baked in my oven. I paid for the electricity that cooked this pie. I paid for the pie plate. You want to then take my pie, cut out a large piece to share with my neighbors that have no pie, then take a piece for yourself for sharing my pie with my neighbors and leave me with only a small sliver of my pie. Isn’t that stealing? Since I paid for everything that went into this pie and no one else helped, shouldn’t I get to determine how the pie will be cut and who will be offered a piece of my pie?

   I had won the argument. He had no retort for my come back. That is what President Barrack Hussein Obama is doing when he ‘spreads the wealth around’. He is kicking in my front door, marching into my kitchen and stealing my pie to share with my neighbors who did not plant an apple tree, water that tree, prune that tree, harvest the fruit, and bake the pie. In essence, he wants to take away the fruits of my labor and share it with those that chose not to work. Now, where is the fairness in that?

   Do you not remember the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’? My mother read it to me as a child. You can look it up on the web, but the premise is that the little red hen found some seeds and asked for help from her friends on the farm, but got no help. She planted the seeds by herself. She then asked for help in cutting the wheat, milling the wheat, she even asked for help in making the bread, but no one would help her. In the end, the barnyard friends wanted to help the little red hen to eat the bread, but she said ‘no’ because she did all the work and no one helped her.

   The moral of the story is plain. But the liberals want to rewrite the story so that the barnyard animals get a ‘fair share’ of the little red hens bread, even though they would not help her bake the bread. 

   All this talk of pie and fresh bread has made my hungry. I like my pie with vanilla ice cream. How about you?

The Thinking Tinker

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